The Most Haunted City in Europe

I travel light. I think the most important thing is to be in a good mood and enjoy life, wherever you are. – Diane von Furstenberg

York is yet one of my all-time favorite cities to encounter during my overall trip. Our bus left Manchester the next day to head on north towards this beautiful historical city, and have endured such a pleasant time during our time there. I’ve been intrigued by the things I heard about this city being haunted way long before the trip, and personally couldn’t wait to experience it myself.

It was yet another rainy morning, when we all walked for around 15 minutes from the parking lot (where our bus was) to pay a visit to York Minster, which is famously known as the largest gothic cathedral church there is in Northern Europe. The weather was again, chilly. The wind was blowing extra hard that day, and there were small drops of rain that still had the potential to soak our entire outfits that we decided to pull out all our umbrellas to protect us from it. We even stopped by a small souvenir shop to purchase two additional ones that also ended up being used along the way.

My teeth were scattering like crazy due to my jacket being not fuzzy enough of keeping me warm that day, and was extremely relieved to have arrived at last to embrace such a more temperate atmosphere the second I stepped indoors. The church was very pretty, and by all means similar to most cathedrals I’ve overall witnessed in the past. It didn’t exactly leave quite a huge impression on me like I thought it would, but for what it’s worth, it was a very authentic building that stands firm on its own.


Tickets were available to those who wished to explore more of the cathedral itself, having to reach its viewpoint up above through stairs. Also I believe I’ve read that several audio and/or walking tour packages were available as well. It was awful that time didn’t exactly let us to actually gallop the building in as a whole, but on the bright side, we did manage several magnificent shots of us being taken along this grotesque-looking backdrop, while in addition, also adoring the ginormous european architecture scenery by the time being.

Lunch time was near, and we walked straight pass York Minster to find ourselves in The Shambles to go and grab some grub. The place had a local market that sold plenty of day-to-day meal ingredients, like meat, vegetables, and fruit. A typical semi-traditional English market if I must say so myself. They also had stalls that provided snacks, beverages, and heavy meals in forms of food-trucks that also had canopies covering their provided seating to prevent visitors on getting all soaked wet from all the rain that often occurs in the city. The place was very interesting, there were also quite a few allies that sold knick-knacks, clothing, and all kinds of other random things just around the walking area of the market.

Fun fact: ever wonder where J.K Rowling got the idea of creating the Diagon Alley in Harry Potter? This exact spot was the one that struck her completely in the first place.



Is this how you take a proper mirror selfie with your camera? One will never know.

We made most of our lunch by acquiring several errands to run there, to name a few:

  1. A bunch of fresh, ripe, yellow bananas,
  2. A bowl of strawberries (in which both fruits we bought for a very reasonable price),
  3. A freshly made take-out of cod n’ chips + a 6-piece portion of chicken nuggets from a nearby restaurant called Drakes,
  4. A cuppa flat white coffee to go,
  5. and a hot, hot mess of nutella-filled crepe.


Devouring them only took several minutes, due to us having to share them as a together-meal in one of the tables being placed upon the middle of the market. It was mainly because we wanted to stay dry, and preferred to have our lunch not being soaked by rain water, if that’s still not obvious. It’s in these rare, special moments where I can truly find that family is the escape for almost everything, because one can never get too much of spending time with them on days like this. It almost felt like as if we were locals, enjoying a casual day out as a family, making the absolute most out of it while we still could, amidst the rain, looking for shelter to survive at a classic English market in York.

Our parking lot was located right in front of a local university called St. John, and I, for one, took the most out of my last few moments there, while almost casually freezing myself to death because it was getting colder by the noon, to simply take pictures of /with it before departing the city. Since we had to keep up with our tour’s skintight schedule, it was merely impossible for me to step inside and take a look of the school myself.

As we walked around, I tend to pay really close attention to the historical buildings that were laid upon this gorgeous yet hollow city, finding them interesting for I have never seen any city quite so… pretty before. I was literally in awe. The entire walk back was an unforgettable eyecandy to suck in as we go.



Getting back here is not going to even be a question. I would kill to pay for another visit to this small, hollow ghost-invaded town, making sure to greet them by joining the famous late-hour ghost-hunting tour here to really get the full-on experience I’d yet have to achieve one day.

To each town, their own dark alley, then?


Welcome to yet another one of my UK travel diary entries!
Writing about York gave me quite the chills, though to be honest with you. Considering the fact that it’s 4:45 AM in the morning that I’m currently writing this, and am constantly suffering from this crazy endless phase of unorthodox sleeping habit (read: jetlag). Wish it would be over soon. Ugh.
Above all, I hope you guys had a great time reading this, for I assure you that there will be more, and more to come SOON! (;
Also, make sure to check out my previous post, where I talked about Old Trafford and all that glorious Red Devil stuff that lies around within it in Manchester if you haven’t already.
Next stop –> Edinburgh. I’ll meet you there!



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