5 Deep Questions to Answer

Mind you, this has been a very busy week for me. I have been putting off writing for far too long than I’ve expected. Bear with me when I say that things have not yet been the joy of a smooth-sailing ship for me in life lately. I’ve made mistakes, learned from them, and is now lying in bed missing today’s geography test after finding myself falling tremendously ill yesterday.

Anyways, since I need to see myself bouncing off my writing slump that I’ve been suffering for the past weeks, here are 5 deep questions I found to (at least) get me going.

1. Which are the most memorable moments of your past?

Plenty. I remember the beautiful, rewarding walks I’ve taken witnessing the prettiest cities of UK with my dad earlier this summer. I remember having hilarious yet also meaningful conversations with my little brother. I remember countless sick-to-my-stomach laughs I’ve had with my best friends. I also remember how I learned a lot participating on every competition I managed to join after the other.

2. Do you live for others or for yourself?

Depends on the context, really. If living for others actually means that I’ll live to help them going through bad situations by doing the best I could, then I’m totally up for a settle on that category. But if it means living up to their expectations in means to impress them and their judgmental standards, then no. I’d rather do stuff I love using my way without ever caring of what others have to say about them, please. Guess you could say I’m in for a little bit of both on this one.

3. Are you at peace with yourself?

I’m getting there. There will still be days when I sometimes feel that single spark of hate I have towards myself, because I don’t simply feel enough. Having to go through that lack of confidence, feeling afraid of the mistakes I’ll make based on my choices, not being able to convey what I really want in life, and many other anxious knacks I worry about on a regular basis.

4. What is the last life lesson you learned?

You can never impress everyone all at once, and that mistakes are a way to allow yourself to grow into the better person you have longed to become one day.

5. Is your cup half empty or half full?

I try my very best to only think of the brighter side of things whenever I can. But I can be very negative at times when I can’t see myself helping it. So slowly, but surely now, it’s half full.

5 deep questions answered with complete honesty finally written after not updating for so long.  I know it’s not much, but it still counts for something, no?
Let me know what your answers are on these questions in your comments down below, *that is, if you want to*, because I would love to hear them! (;
You can probably tell that I’m not in my best mood for writing for now, and that really sucks. However, I’ll definitely get myself out of this one when I can. Promise!
Have a lovely day,


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