A Fresh New Take On Passion

I was lucky enough to have found a passion in writing at such a very young age, though having to like it so much, I have never actually got the guts to post any of my work in a public platform like this (i.e. wordpress), at least, not alone. And not since last December.


To clarify several assumptions that might have currently been circling your minds right now while reading this, I am not going to talk about how I want to pursue a career in writing so badly, or how I have huge, huge aspirations to get published as a (hopefully) NY Times best-seller writer someday, for there isn’t going to be any of that on this one.

What I really wanted to discuss with you all today, was the fact that I have recently listened to two different TED talks that solely discussed about the one thing that has recently sparked up my interest: passion. They each had their own ideas upon how it should be applied when the time calls for reality, and frankly enough, they were both correct. Regarding their own separate experiences and beliefs, and both in retrospect and general, their talks had moved me onto a whole new mindset as I took several keynotes while wholeheartedly listening to them talk through my phone screen.

The first video, had some very strong points. The speaker of this video told her story of not finding any passion in an age where everybody else was casually discovering theirs as they go. She implied that she was hesitant when being confronted to take a permanent job because she was scared that she might fail at it for settling in. Everything comes down to the point where she finally acquired success after squeezing herself into an entrepreneurial job where she has made quite a lot from what she was doing, and it gave her that warm, rewarding feeling of passion.

She told us from her perspective, that to live a life filled with value and full meaning, you should not follow your passion, but alas, let your passion follow you. She was really on to something there, because her last words did hit home for me. Hard.

The next video, on the other hand, questioned the thought of teenagers these days that often feel very insecure on talking about their hopes and dreams to just about anyone. The cause was beginning to appear more relevant when he pulled on a poll to thousands of teenagers online saying that their idea of success was: 1) to earn huge stacks of money, 2)  raise a family, 3) educate their children to the same ideal conformity in school, 4) repeat the cycle all over again. This alone led to the other question, “What would you like to do, if you could absolutely do anything you like for the next 15 years?” Some answered differently, because the only reason they did so was the belief they had about their dreams being irrelevant, and unattainable. It’s things like this that bothered me the most, the fact that teenagers were planted this seedling on top of their heads screaming that they must conform to society, and sadly, blend in.

There is no room for you to be different, or unique, whatever your dreams may be. “Be that son/daughter who makes their mama proud by doing what she wants,” they might add. The speaker ended the talk with a statement saying he wished to live in a world where there would be no difference between a child’s goals and dreams, as it was the idea that needed to hear itself out loud right there. An idea that needed support, and movement, and it needs to start now. I couldn’t have agreed more with this any better myself.

Part of the reason why I decided to write this post, because I wanted to share my bit after watching these two videos, of what I actually learned from listening to what they had to say. Here are the two things that I got:

  1. Passion is a feeling, not a plan. You may be passionate about doing something now, but it does not necessarily mean you should make reckless decisions by following it that far to its very core. Don’t settle onto something too quickly. Try doing something else for a change, who knows you might find it better to follow a different path where it leads to another burning passion you never thought you had in the first place. Be daring. Explore deep into yourself, and learn to trust your gut. In a way, I hope this made sense.
  2. Don’t ever doubt your significance. If anything, I’d say that everyone is unique. Every person’s got a shot at pulling something off at some point. There will be uphills and downfalls as you go through life, and that’s okay. You are a product of the lessons you’ve learned, the passion that burns inside of you, and all the good and the bad experiences you’ve gone through. There is not one, but a whole infinite possibilities out there that’s waiting for you to reach out on them. You’re going to have no choice but to live a life with no regrets. Follow your dreams! (Or find another one if it suits you better along the way.) The choice is always yours to make.

Now I apologize if this post made almost zero sense to you, as I am still learning how to communicate my inner thoughts evenly with more structured key-points within every chance I got. So this is me, trying my best to use the privilege of the voice I’ve been given to, by writing about what I believe is true.

Sometimes all it takes are simplistic blogposts like these that you may come across so suddenly, to generate new mindful perspectives that may grant you a reminder to always feel inspired, in order to inspire. (;

So in the end, I certainly hope you learned something after picking this one up! Do let me know in the comments down below if you do, for I would LOVE to know.
In a way, I’ve written this during my 2nd day of my getaway from social media, and to update you guys a little: IT’S BEEN GOING SO WELL!
This post is scheduled to be posted some time post-social media detox week, so guess it had to already been over by the time you guys are catching on to this right now.
And yes, more posts are coming soon. I have written quite a lot during this past week, and I cannot wait to share it with all of you until then. (:
you’ll hear from me again soon,


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