4 YouTube Channels That Are Worth Checking Out

If it’s one thing I love most about YouTube, is that it keeps you contained with all the generous amount of knowledge and information it offers to the viewers out there who are willing to listen. Sometimes, all it takes is 30 minutes a day to spare on watching the right YouTube channels to keep you immensely updated with valued education that is more often than not, easier and more essential to digest than the ones you’d normally get in school. I think of education as an abstract we should never be taken away from, and YouTube just happens to be one of the few ways to keep that head of yours educated within a few videos reach.

Below are 4 of my top favourite YouTube channels that helped me get a better understanding of the world we live in, realizing how important it is to stay educated and aware of what is going on out there.


This channel tackles on almost all fields of knowledge there is to know and learn about, from science, to history, art and music, politics and economy, even psychology. Big ideas, stories, theories, and questions simply explained in a creative animated narrative format of less-than-10-minute-videos are the bomb. They are often my kind of go-to whenever I feel the need to instantly grab a hold onto a certain topic I couldn’t entirely understand in prior.


Slightly different than TED-Ed, CrashCourse is run by several people (one of them being John Green), who are coordinated to giving out a collective field of subjects a playlist where viewers could have the liberty to choose which specific subject they’re most interested into learning about in one go. A typical playlist could pry on a subject for up to 20 videos of lessons explaining a significant sub-unit of a subject from one video to the next. From literature, to US history, biology, chemistry, ecology, and so many more to come. They have it all ready on set for viewers to initially dig deep, dwelling to focus on each subject individually, explained by experts, along with visually pleasing animations along the way!


Another channel I’m most fond of, which provides a delicious amount of political (and non-political) information that are up-to-date and relevant to the things that are currently happening all around us. Things like ISIS, Donald Trump, drugs, and many more. You can learn from these videos that there are things going on in this world that needed acknowledgement, things you may never expect to find most crucial to learn about regarding the world which you all live and breathe in today. Therefore, a very important channel to stay tuned for in means to keep your eyes peeled a little for all that important stuff that matters today.

TED (talks)

Ideas worth spreading, in a channel worth subscribing. A personal favourite out of the four, the concept of this channel is nonetheless, superb. It allows for people who have mind-blowing, eye-opening ideas, and perspectives to discuss them through a certain panel whose sole purpose is to publish them out in the open (i.e. internet). People from all shapes, sizes, colours, religions, and races have had their word spoken in TED talk videos. The more I see it, the more opened I am into sinking deep towards listening to their individual voices in between struggles I face on a regular basis. Highly impactful, motivating, and moving content that feeds the hungry learners into a field of an even wider range of openmindedness, and development.

There are plenty more channels in which I wish to talk about in this post, that I feel should be written for another day. 4 is enough for now, as the theme for this post is to provide readers the maximum extent of using YouTube accordingly to the point where it could help educate themselves better.

I hope you found this post helpful somehow. Do take my word for it and give these channels a chance? Especially TED Talk, if you’re not the full-on formal, common subject learning type. I’d say it’s really something that’s worthwhile to binge in your spare time.

Have fun learning!

Hey, it’s me again. Writing during the midst of my social media detox program that has been going on for preeeetty much a week now. Yes, I have been watching PLENTY of educational YouTube channels in between, just to keep my brain intact for the things I’ll surely miss on social media.
How am I holding up, you ask?
I’m doing GREAT. I’ve planned an entire post that’s going up about my experience, if you should know. I’ve also written several other posts that’s also going up very soon on this blog, so I hope you’ll also tune in for all that!
In the mean time, mind telling me what YouTube channels you’ve been keeping in touch with viewing lately? I’d love to hear them down below!
from a writer who never ceases to learn,



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