REVIEW | Annabelle: Creation

During my first week off social media, I was met with the tendency to finally watch a new released horror movie once again. I, for one, enjoy watching good old movies with jumpscares waiting to catch you off guard once every three seconds. The thought came to me on a whim that day and got me like, “why not?” Especially with the new movie up for release revolving around one of the scariest dolls ever known in history, Annabelle: Creation.

It was then I obliged with a few friends and witnessed the doll in action on the huge screen myself. I was darn well excited for I don’t get to see many horror films in theatres during its first few days of fresh release. The idea of watching something that’s marked horrifying by many, inside a dark theatre accompanied by a huge screen and HD sound effects all around you, allowed me to feel that few needed adrenaline rush to roll up my sleeve once more. However, considering the circumstances, since I’m not one to review horror movies like this, I’ll try my very best to explain my thoughts and feelings upon this grotesque genre that’s almost never up my alley when it comes to watching and reviewing movies to post online.

So, here goes.

The entire plot described the prequel of how our terrifying star toy was originally born. There was this couple, who had a daughter named Bee (short for Annabelle) who died at a very young age due to an unexpected car accident. With all the sadness that followed, the couple begged to meet their precious daughter once again, and when Bee finally begged for them stay inside one of the dolls the father had carefully crafted from the beginning of this story, they said yes. And that was where it all began.

I have had huge expectations for this movie being that terrifying kick that should allow me to keep me on the edge of my seat, as the story was set in the ghastly wicked Conjuring universe, which was supposed to be the perfect fit to demonic stories like this. Better yet, it sort of did. During the first few scenes, I was intrigued by the fact that Annabelle was targeting a polio-diseased girl (Janice. Ha.). But I was then confused by the few things that occurred afterwards. There was a certain taken-over object which relevance I couldn’t put my finger on (the scarecrow) with the story, and… You know what, you should probably see this yourself, because I’m not one to spoil things, especially in a spoiler-free review such as this one.

Moving on.

Aside all the usual stereotypical horror movie tropes like, thrown off furniture, sudden reappearances of the centred demon possessed item, and shadowy settings that showed signs of the evil presence that was haunting that very house, there was really nothing new I could see myself picking on added to the table. I failed to grasp anything original that sprouted from watching the movie myself. It was more like a “meh” as opposed to a “wow” being counted as my post reaction after finally understanding what the hype was all about.

The cast did a marvelous job of keeping up to their roles, and I truly appreciated that. It was one of the few things I liked about this horror film, despite it not being the best one out there, it still had something worthwhile to enjoy devouring upon.

What I didn’t like was the message it delivered (or at least, what I received) regarding religion not being the permanent vital tool to protect us from the evil. Taking this to further inspection, I believe the purpose of a horror film is to showcase the raging triumph of the evil that lives among us, however affirming faith still needs to be planted among viewers out there to allow them to at least see the beneficial needs of religion becoming a source of reliance and protection from all kinds of evil forces within any form, that circle among us these days.

I was still entertained by the overall screenplay of this latest installment, for it really awoke the adventurous adrenaline fueled energy inside of me that has rarely been showing lately.

I’d give this a go if I were you, who are also desperate to reach for that lack of same spark of energy flaring up once more.

Now that I’ve finally thrown everything there is to say on this spoiler-free review, I dare you, fellow readers, to experience this for yourself, if you still haven’t already.

Your favorite doll awaits.

This was actually my first attempt upon reviewing horror, for it has never been up my alley to do one up until now. After reading several reviews online, and accumulating all the viewers’ responses in regards to watching this film, I have managed to gather several points that referred to the things I like and/or dislike about this hyped piece.
I’ll probably write a better one next time, or not. Depends on how I would feel about horror films in the following days to come. I don’t really know yet. But pushing all of that aside, this post probably weighed more to my own experience of seeing the movie, rather than it being my review if you ask me. Not a very good start, but certainly not a bad one either, I hope? Hehe.
Thanks for reading!

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