Guilty Pleasures | SONGS

Music is an escape, they say. I absolutely agree. I’m not one to have a knack for playing it myself, at least, not to the extent where I get really passionate about doing it. However, it does call differently when you mention about me listening to them on a regular basis. I adore listening to songs whenever I can, and very much appreciate the people in the industry who never cease to work hard producing something new to the table everyday. There has been quite a few songs I’ve listened to recently that had successfully left me quite the impression, that I would love to share with all of you in today’s post. You may might as well consider this to be a compiled list for the stuff I normally listen to, and mind you, there’s no harm in checking them out.

So readers,

Let’s just hope we share the same taste, then?

  1. Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift | I’d hate myself for liking this, but the concept of this video literally shook me. It was brave, and explicitly smart of her to create this overwhelming piece. Here’s to America’s *newborn* Sweetheart, everyone.
  2. I Like Me Better – Lauv | My kind of music. Soft, light-hearted, casual, and relaxing. Evens out all the odds inside of you by replacing it with its own contemporary beats. What can I say? I’m obsessed.
  3. Tired of Talking – LEON | Another kind of music. A recipe that’s just right to wake me up every morning these past few days. Wasn’t a huge fan during my first time hearing it, but nonetheless, you can’t always trust first impressions when it comes to songs like this, now can you?
  4. Thunder – Imagine Dragons | Delicious. Can’t help but obsess over the beat this song offers, Imagine Dragons have surely outdone themselves with this single. Again, can they not?
  5. Quit You – Lost Kings ft. Tinashe | Sort of this semi-mellow song about not being able to “quit” being in love with a person. I feel kind of guilty for playing it far too often sometimes. Couldn’t help it, the intro and bridge are the two main elements that got me this hooked.  Oh well.
  6. The Night We Met – Lord Huron | Still not completely over the 13 Reasons Why syndrome just yet. Let’s not mistake me for a hopeless romantic for saying this, but oh my word. Need I say more?
  7. Kiss Me – Six Pence None The Richer | Old, but gold. I cannot recommend this enough to all of you out there who are suckers for a winner sweet remedy like this.
  8. Got to Believe in Magic – David Pomeranz | Another “old, but gold” kind of situation. I haven’t been listening to this for years, but the sooner I got to it again I fell completely in love with it all over again. Priceless.
  9. Galway Girl – Ed Sheeran | I have no words, there’s no denying that Ed Sheeran had done another excellent job with the music he creates. Talented and versatile as always, who else doesn’t find themselves playing this on repeat over and over again?
  10. Say My Name – Tove Stryke | Decided to throw this in as well, because I just can’t get enough of listening to it. This is that type of music to sing along and get lost into. Trust me.

Now I know what you’re thinking. That this list went a little overboard towards the hyped pop song spectrum a bit, therefore I’m sorry if this didn’t come as near to your liking. I intentionally wanted to recommend great songs that are getting less hype being created and sung by lesser known musicians, but then again, perhaps some other time. One can never listen to too many great songs in their life, don’t you agree?

Thanks a lot for reading!


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