15 (More) Self-Reminders

A lot has happened since I last logged in here, it feels nice to finally got a chance to see myself actually writing again. Today I bring you another pile of things I need to remind myself, given with the situations I’ve been through going on lately. This may not be the best thing you’ll find reading today, but I kind of hope one of these would suffice to hit you on something. (:

This version might sound a little different than the one I’d written before, and some content may be similar to that one as well, but it wouldn’t hurt to be constantly reminded of the things you learned now, to simply dwell on again later. (:

  1. Better-skilled people still exists, and you need to have the biggest heart to acknowledge that.
  2. Not everyone shares the same definition to success.
  3. In order to be understood, you must first understand the ones around you.
  4. The first thing that goes through your mind is what you’re conditioned to think, what comes next defines who you are.
  5. Stay open-minded and respectful.
  6. A balanced life is clearly equivalent to a healthy life.
  7. Snacks are okay. Chocolate is okay. Cake is fine. Ice cream helps. Always remember you treat yourself when you can.
  8. Worry a little less, don’t fret over small things. So instead, ask yourself this: Will it even matter in 5 years?
  9. You are beautiful, inside and out. Not many people may see that, but boy you are most certainly not ugly. Do I need to repeat myself? Not. Ugly. Quit telling yourself otherwise.
  10. Do not underestimate yourself, instead, trust that you are able push yourself to the limits you have previously set your mind into.
  11. Pray. At any given situation, be it happy and sad, brave and anxious, confident and insecure. It helps to memorize several short verses too.
  12. You are by far the strongest girl I know. You have been through so much, and yet here you are. Living. Breathing. Still writing, and still on the road to discover yourself a little more each day. Please take a moment to realize such an important thing like that.
  13. Give simply because you want to. Do not expect anything in return, high expectations often mislead you to further unnecessary context.
  14. Be nice to people, say nice things. Be sure to filter those words of yours before you find themselves being directed toward someone else.
  15. Bringing positive impact to others provides such glorious feels that no amount of riches in this world will never buy. Therefore, do not ever stop.


I’ll write more soon,






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