How I Take Care of Myself

September is ending, yikes. Time sure flies. Better yet, with midterms currently invading my stereotypical high school life recently, desolating myself from all that stress which comes along with it urges me to really step up my self-care game for most days when I can. Given the extra time being at home studying after school, allowed me to not only have time for myself, but as well as taking such better care of, well, me. Which is actually one of the few main reasons as to why I have not yet been posting here so much, but despite everything and all that, I’m doing great.

Now self-care for me personally means having that privilege to love myself entirely regardless. In other words, it is to have that sense of solitude by making peace with what you are on the inside, as well as the outside. Spending more quality time alone, is very much needed once in a while in order to keep those strings together attached as a whole. It doesn’t really require that much effort, and it helps you feel nurtured and flourished in a sense where you are ready to take off once again after that long awaited hibernation you’ve been on for a while.

“From there, the flower grows, as she will blossom more beautifully than ever with a clearer set of mind, as she runs to continue chasing after the things she loves doing most afterwards.”

Below are a few things I normally do during these past few weeks, (that has been severely awesome, by the way) and still ongoing up until now, of nevertheless, taking care of myself.


I always feel a lot better after putting on any kind of body lotion or body cream product every night before going to bed. For one, it literally pampers my skin with that extra needed rich-contained nutrients within several rubs here and there. Two, it very much soothes my mind a little knowing I ended my day with a scrub, resulting my skin to freshen up smoothly before tucking in. Total winner.

image3 (11)


I’m not the biggest fan of putting on physically ocular ones that stick on your face, fairly visible for anyone there is to see. Rather, I prefer ones that can be instantly applied atop your face like a lotion, such as this one. I’m not a dermatologist, but do take my word when I say this allows your skin to have that soft-oozing texture after you let it sit for a few minutes. Again, I’d normally put this on before going to bed, and it just welcomes you that oh so bettering feels after putting them on.

image2 (13)


Having more time up my sleeve, I have been doing a lot of these recently. At least 15-30 minutes a day, without ever the means of forcing myself so much in doing so. Exercise is, technically speaking, designed to improve your mood, one step at a time in reaching a healthier state in life. On the other hand, it very much boosts up energy, that is plenty enough to get me going through another day.


I’d normally go with fruits like apples, oranges, or langon lately. I have been obsessed with them ever since my grandma decided to restock my fruit supplies once every two weeks these past few months. My refrigerator’s always full, and I cannot get any happier to help devouring them from day to day. I have come to know, that treating myself well by eating pleasure food is a must. Things like chocolate, ice cream, donuts, and stuff like that are okay to consume, as long as you do not overeat them all at once. I learn that in order to fully love yourself, one must have the bravest heart to feed themselves with food that genuinely generates happiness and comfort. With just the right amount of way, that is. (:

image4 (9)


Now this, I already am doing without anyone ever needing to tell me so. I’d usually go for at least three liters a day, just because I’m fairly used to it for a while now. I’m highly known to be that girl who gets sensitive when she gets thirsty, or whenever there is not any water around for her to drink. You may often see me holding a bottle of water every now and then just because I love drinking it so much. It provides that feeling of satisfaction, of full-on hydration, and it helps filtrate your digestive system, leaving it a lot cleaner than it intentionally would when not being fed with much water in the first place.


I do this almost everyday with YouTube and K-Drama nowadays. In fact, I just finished binge-watching “The Liar and His Lover” recently, so it’s quite nice to just kick-back and serve yourself in by watching a guilty pleasure like this every now and then. Not only does it make me question my feels, but it can also educate me in a way where I get to examine other realistic worlds being shown in Dramas like this. Giving me insights of how things are sailing realistically portrayed through each given episode.

FullSizeRender (1)


Sometimes all it takes is a good day’s rest, and A LOT of music coming to play during your off days. Korean songs have been blowing up my playlist lately, to the point where it caught me off guard sometimes, and let’s be honest, gushy as well, for as much as I can tell. And that’s great, I happen to think soft, light-hearted, cheerful songs like these are one of the most beautiful things music can simply offer that may never be found anywhere else. Try listening to this one below by Yoona from SNSD. It’s good for the soul.

image1 (22)


I believe it is extremely important to allocate more time with my Heavenly Father by doing this more often than I’d normally would daily. I am beginning to catch myself up on Bible reading these days, and needless to say I’m proud of myself for finally coming to terms with it once more. Praying too. I am the type of person who frets a lot. By praying every chance I get, it helps to reduce my anxiety, fills me up with hope and peace, and an added stronger urge for me to keep moving forward. I found an article about how breathing prayer helps to fight anxiety, which you may learn more about by clicking here. I should suggest you to try and do this yourself. (:

So those were all I can write about how I personally take care of myself from time to time for now. Let me know how you do it your own way by dropping in your comments down below! I certainly hope you’ll find reading this rather insightful, and that you enjoyed devouring it as much as I did making it. Have a lovely day!

by all means yours,



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