A Short Glimpse

Allowing myself to sit back, relax, and taking care of myself has so far been quite good lately, perhaps maybe even too good for it to cause such intolerable effect on my writing schedule. Midterm had passed, and I am so delighted for it to finally be over. Come to think of it, I can’t possibly think of any other way to spend all that free time to make ends meet,once again, with my short-term goals this October. I have a few things planned, to get myself back on track with life once again, and sharing this through a blogpost might become one of the few reasons to get myself to a head start:

Studying for IELTS

Ever since I had my placement test earlier over the course of last month, I have decided to try and join a class that is supposed to fit my results. Some may say that it’s quite a shame for me to join one because they think I’m far better off without it. But all in all, it has been quite the lovely experience to meet a teacher who manifestly teaches writing in a semi-private class every Tuesday. I will, of course, get my own jump start to prepare in my own time to ace this during this coming December. *fingers crossed*


I did throw this in a little at the beginning, but would like to elaborate on it a little so as not to lose track on what I really want to aim after my weeks of no intense blog writing lately. There were moments where ideas of content stroke out of nowhere, but were only left jolted down on my notepad, left unwritten for weeks with no end. This month, though. It’s time to put those ideas to use. I will simply try my best to upload as frequently as I can, for the sake of my ongoing blog, and my desire to allow it to grow a little more everyday.


Another thing I must confess, with all the books stacked up on my never-ending TBR list, I haven’t been doing so much as to reduce them for the slump I’ve been on for, honestly? Forever. I still do keep up with recent worldly news whenever I get the chance, and still am struggling with my Bible reading for the most part. Nonetheless, it’s time for me to really step it up a little when it comes to books. To immerse myself into one of those worlds, and finish reading at least two of them by the end of the month.

Practicing Music

The only sheer genre of art I’m *very little to no* am good at. My previous piano teacher once told me that I had a thing for music, and it was such a shame for me to quit 7 years of learning it in regards of a ridiculous excuse to simply focus more on my studies back then. I think I’d like to give it a go this month. Tackle in a few songs, as a jump start to start pursuing it again as a hobby. For one, music is magnificent for the soul. So why not give it a go?

Guess that should be it for now, I do still have a few more in mind and am very tempted to insert a few more on this list. But alas, speaking from personal experience, if it’s one thing I learned, is that sounding so ambitious after a lengthy hiatus won’t get yourself a lot of things done. Therefore, I think this should do for now.

What are your current plans to do this October?

yours truly,



P.S: No pictures for today because I wanted this post to simply lay low for the moment. In the mean time, thanks for stopping by!

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