A Trip to UK

Amidst the month of October, finding the right time to sit myself and write have been the hardest thing to do with all the unstoppable work school has been mercilessly bombarding me with recently. It feels nice to finally throw in an excuse to write on the blog again. Moving on to my next point.

UK Trip 2017 is a limited (by that, I mean extremely limited) customized photobook by a notorious street-photographer, that is none other than Jusuf Kariyadi himself. With all that energy and hope, saturated with love, passion, and fire, he took his whole family on a trip around this independently beautiful country for exactly 19 days, during which allowed him to produce such high-quality results to add to his portfolio through this book. My job here today, is to inspect, and review this gorgeous beloved gem of his, with all the might I subconsciously savored in favor of the photographer himself.

Being the full-time street-photographer who apparently is more often than not, over-zealous about what he aims to get, he surely has done it again. None can quite question the prudence he preserves in targeting on-field subjects at hand.

Allow me to describe this helluva photobook through sincerely concise verbs:









Now to those of you who are huge fans of the iconic Big Ben Tower, or the Westminster Bridge, Old Trafford, or just an overall UK travel enthusiast in general: this book is for you. The settings of these beautiful, majestic, both color-coated and monochrome captured illustrations are what makes this entire book as a whole. The cover itself speaks very little of what lies inside of this album.

image1 (24)

image1 (25)

A full designated version of what the Old Trafford stadium I previously failed shooting was supposed to look like, captured so beautifully through his lens.

I, personally can tell that this was a carefully crafted piece of art that was born to serve as an eye-candy to ones that stumble upon them. Playing as one of the main ocular subjects in this book, pictures of his family members *that dominated a butt load portion of this entire album* were therefore one of my absolute favorites. These pictures went to show that the author highly treasured the times he spent with his family during the course of the trip, and how deeply he cared to pay such extra attention to the ones whom he love most. Which from my standpoint, is one of the many things I adore about photographers who are in specific, dear, upon doing their niche so well that it goes on point.


So far, aside from the gorgeous, flawless, and yet super photogenic on-point landscapes I have encountered so far, I have also witnessed countless pages that spoke not far from locals whom were just doing what they were doing at that moment very moment on the spot, where in this case includes: walking, telephoning, celebrating, laughing, playing, and many more day to day activities during that specific time being in different quantities of angles, results, and dynamics. This alone can never be repeated at any given time in the coming future that lies ahead. Which therefore, is the beauty of street photography. Notwithstanding the many given snapshots taken, a moment can never repeat itself from the other. For the world never stops moving. From one place, to another, one smile towards the next laughter, one shot after the other. Everything resides differently from a street-photographer’s viewfinder, and this one never ceased to fail at executing them with all his astounding results.



His working on this photobook took such a challenge, with finding barely enough time to balance in between his daily work routine, and this project alone. But all in all, he balanced everything so well, as this photobook itself is a genuine manifestation of his pride, hard-work, and love for doing what he does best: taking pictures. This, I believe is vivid to the belief, recalling that designing, arranging, and editing all these pictures to the point where it actually calls appropriate for printing, takes up so much time and dedication, and that alone is something to be appreciated and proud of.

IMG_1029 (1)


So happy birthday to you, Jusuf, aka the best dad a daughter like me could ever ask for, I do hope you enjoyed reading this long-overdue review you’ve earned from me after ceaselessly requesting for it several times. *when during which I had not yet known whether or not I should write it.*

My wish for you is that you never stop those burning-coils of passion you have flaring inside of you, that it should never run out, no matter how old you get as you grow a year older today. And that you should always remember that with all the success you’ve encountered through endless ongoing trials, and breathtaking miracles these last few years, we are here to go through them again with you. Together. As a family. (:

This review went a lot shorter than I intended it to at the beginning, but I hope you’re cool with that. And that you wipe that huge grin on that face of yours at this very moment when reading this.

So there you have it, your biggest acknowledgement, compliment, recognition, AND support, delivered to you on your very special day. You did not see that coming, huh? Of course you didn’t. (let me know if you did, though)

A thousand blogposts may never justify the support you’ve given me all my life. The push, the drive, that obnoxious laughter you make when we connect together talking about our travels…this post is the least I can do to at least try to be that one person who makes your big day, a little bigger than necessary as it was before. Nyeheh.

Once again, I hope for nothing but the best coming to you, and that you should never, and I mean, ever, leave Our God out of anything regardless of the good and bad things waiting for you that are yet to happen altogether in life.

Did I mention happy birthday? Whoops. Totally did.

I love you? Nope.

Well then I should probably say it, then.

I love you, dad.




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