How to Fall in Love Correctly

As an open note, I have been meaning to write a post about “falling in love” for so long. Yet oddly enough, out of all days, and given the rest of my jolted blogpost ideas being kept in the back of my mind *and my notes*, I felt like inspiration knocking a little on my doorstep for me to finally write about it today. Shall we begin?

“I think falling in love is always a surprise, right?” – Josh Dallas

BEWARE. SYMPTOMS INCLUDE: Hearts that beat fast. Indirect signals. Butterflies in stomachs. Indescribable adrenaline rushes. Sudden urges to reach out. Letters. Blissful evenings filled with sugary sweet thoughts. Constant escalating excitement of seeing another day. Chocolate. Countless unspoken wishful thinkings. Daydreams. Awkward conversations. Books. Embarrassments. Movies. Cringy attempts of seeking attention.


I would go on forever if I could.

There’s nothing quite like it. What they say is true, I believe: you are both quite lucky, and unlucky to feel the overwhelming sensations of falling in love.

During my ongoing teenage years, it’s very unlikely to say that I have never experienced such a beautiful state of mind to begin with. It’s natural, they say. It happens when it happens, they might also add. Notwithstanding the individual heart-consuming emotions that comes along with, the feeling of attracted to a certain somebody in particular also comes with risks that are more than meets the eye.

I am in no way saying that you should avoid falling in love completely. I mean come on, there really is no help to it when cupid throws away one of his arrows at you, resulting you to suddenly become head over heels in love with a certain somebody whom you’d never expect to come to terms with, tugging at your heartstrings from time to time. I am not a love guru, nor am I trying to be one, but I had my fair share of experiences during which I learned a lot from. Through below are my self-cultivated analysis of tips on how to fall in love, and doing it right. Hope this helps!

Be Honest with Yourself

Let’s face it. We all had that one moment when we just couldn’t believe ourselves to fall in love within a number of reasons. Why him/her? Why now? Your heart ended up telling you otherwise. Allow yourself to feel. Not just because your heart tells you to, but because it may be time to let yourself loose a little, and start opening up to new emotions that may bring a better good to your life. Try to bear with it a little, and you’ll probably realize how important of a lesson it may bring after coping up with it later on. Lying to yourself and “shrugging it off” won’t do much help, though.

Control Your Emotions

Controlling your emotions, are therefore one of the hardest battles you may ever have to deal with when dealing with those around you. Falling in love deals with a lot of this. Especially when the one you’re attracted to don’t even know you exist, or is highly unaware of your emotions directed at them. Even when you’re sure he/she likes you back, there’s no denying that you should still stay patient. Emotions may explode, but it is entirely up to you, being your own captain of your ship, to not be in rush on things just yet.

Think Through Your Next Step

Make considerations. Try to think of what lies ahead, after having  to know what’s coming at you. Do you want to lay low? Or be full-on tiger chasing after the significant other? Is being friends an option? Should you take him/her on a date to get to know them a little better? This, I cannot solidify, for each person might as well preserve their own style of doing it. Just make sure whatever the choice you end up making, could somehow lead you to somewhere you’re potentially most satisfied with. (;

Accept Whatever Lies After

Finally coming up to the last bit. Life has its own way of running its course. Whatever the result of the previous action you may have committed dealing with this may be, you must be ready at simply all times to accept whatever follows after. You are more than allowed to scream, sing, cry, laugh, or however way you feel is right to fit the good and/or bad outcomes of the most wonderful feeling in the world (read: falling in love) had set you into. Once again, it is okay to allow yourself to feel. It is fine to have feelings. Acceptance requires great amount of practice, but it should be one of the greatest gifts to receive if one ever finds oneself to master it.

This may be an article I’d cringe on during the next few years where I might re-stumble upon it, BUT I’m writing it anyways. It’s all a written process in learning. I’ve been meaning to write something related to this for quite a long time now, and if this is the best that I can do, then I should be more than happy to embrace it.

Another note to throw in: I’ve written this out on a whim, and the last few parts may feel a little far-stretched from making sense, but at least I tried. This could’ve been better, but my mind’s just not in the right weather to fathom thoughts into such accurate constellations right now. *any John Green fan should be able to know this reference by heart*

Let me know if you managed to take something good out of reading this (even though I’m extremely skeptical of that coming true), and if not, I promise that I’ll write a MUCH better one next time.

Have a pleasant evening.



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