Recent Netflix Binges

“There is a revolution happening, and within two years I think that Wi-Fi and Netflix will be built into all the televisions.” – Reed Hastings

So to my surprise, my schedule’s been kind of a train-wreck lately, mainly for two things:

  1. School
  2. Netflix

I blame myself for this, I really do. With those two on the way, digging myself up for that drive to write has been the absolute hardest. Therefore, I have solemnly made a decision to write something for today, at least. To make up for that lack of productivity by posting new content here.

So I’ve accumulated a short list of mini reviews (or as one may refer to as rambles”) upon the shows I may have found myself deeply sucked into for these past couple of months. I wanted to write about them individually at first, but then again I thought, why not merge them all into one? Here goes nothing.


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Also, Claire Foy is bae. Just so you know.

The Crown

Due to this recent fetish for anything that correlates to the United Kingdom, which therefore includes the royal family themselves, this entire series have been a jolly of a ride for me. To acquire a glimpse of what the current monarchy in England looked like from a different timeline (the 19th century) was beyond astonishing. Given the entire setting of England’s most iconic sites had me on post-holiday withdrawals, it was as if I could feel the light, bare, London breeze, and the cold, spacious palace atmosphere shown on screen. I was sold. This entire series is based on the current Queen Elizabeth II’s lifelong reign in the UK, and her hardships and tribulations as she tackles between becoming a queen, a mother, a wife, and a sister. Also season 2’s up for release in the coming December 8th, which I can’t help but be extremely delighted about. I just can’t recommend it enough.

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Stranger Things (I & II)

With all the hype surrounding it, I just couldn’t help but join in to see what this show was all about. Not to mention Netflix’s recent release on the second season of this eerie series that has got the entire town talking. Now I for one first thought that this had some sort of poltergeist element to it, or paranormal activity, perhaps. Anything related of the sort. But it ended up being far from what I’ve come to expect. There were a number of scenes where I felt my heart racing beyond how I wanted it to, and a few other ones that got me this love-hate relationship with the characters the show was dealing with. Not gonna go deep into the premise, though. If you’re a stan for not-so-stereotypical-lives of the pre-revolutionized 1980s millenials, then this should be your cup of tea, my friend.

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Following the second hype carried me to this town of mystifying intrigue. Based on the characters originated from Archie Comics, the plot never stops. Right from beginning, the murder of Jason Blossom, the constant pursuit of the murderer itself that made its way towards becoming the center of this entire series, had blown me right on the edge of my seat. There was not a moment where I kept questioning, creating, and uttering assumptions of whom might or might not be the killer after comprehending every given scene. There were plenty enough value to take from the tackles of these amazing, skilled, and diverse set of characters as well, especially Jughead. He’s bae, I mean- he’s just- okay. At least give the first season a go, guys. Truly recommend.

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Being my most recent binge, I have so much love for this 5-episode-miniseries by Netflix. They’ve managed to compile so many things, which at first, I couldn’t quite well string because the plot felt a bit rushed at the beginning. Despite the minor complaint, came a mutual understanding of what the Irish Republic felt needed to happen to them back then: independence. Coming from a country who bloody fought for a declaration of independence, I began to realize how prominent it was to recognize the forgotten heroes who willingly fought for their countries, notwithstanding the condemning of others around them. Though there were several aspects that could have been deeply explored further, I believe this show had done an excellent job at keeping things gruesome, with very little sugarcoating for its audience. Well played, Netflix. Well played.

This took me a couple of days to finish, and I humbly apologize if these thoughts sounded whimsy, or poorly executed, even. For I haven’t done that much research into each and every one of the shows mentioned above. I might add in a few more on my next list once I get in touch with Netflix’s other shows soon.
Also, a lot has been keeping me off of writing these days, which always sucks. My mind’s been too much of a clutter for me to evenly piece together my thoughts when it comes to it, which then led me to a writer’s block the other day, that sucked even more. What with my new personal ongoing project circling through my mind lately, I will still try my best to write more here. So in the mean time,
I’ll catch you on my next post?


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