“Don’t forget to water the plants.”

“Don’t forget to dry the clothes, please. Bring back fruits while you’re at it, will you?”

“Make sure you clean those dishes right.”

“Scrub these bathroom floors, they’re getting a bit slippery these days.”

“Time to do your bit, now. I want these floors spotless by the time I get back.”

“Don’t forget to water the plants.”

My mother sent me an article the other day that had spoken against a topic from which we all know but rarely talk about: a generation of home service. Reading it, I felt somehow (again) enlightened by how huge of an effect it is to our younger (and perhaps equal) generation today. Home service here, has a clear meaning of any type of service provided to care for you and your needs in maintaining your house, your children, and mainly necessities in general. Living in a household where I have been trained all my life to survive without one, has its own fair share of ups and downs. I’m not saying that I enjoy doing chores, nor am I not trying to enjoy it myself. But what I can say is, after countless of lectures, outbursts, and unyielded reminders, I have at least gained something out of them.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m not the neatest type of person there is when it comes to personal belongings. In fact, I often resurrect myself into tidying up, more often than not while carrying a heavy heart. Not going to lie when I say my mother often helps me clean things up for me while I’m at school, and leaves long, dragging complaints saying that she believes I could’ve done better. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t “hate” tidying up. Could it be a part of my nature to neglect something I urge myself too much into doing by not putting them into immediate course of action? Perhaps, so.

Sometimes it’s not even laziness that goes along the way. For your information, I am that type of person who needs exactly 200% focus when really doing stuff that I believe to be worthwhile doing. And you’ve guessed it, “executing housechores” lies somewhere in between the bottom of that list. Then again, maybe this shouldn’t apply to most people out there- boy I certainly don’t wish for it either. But come on, who would want themselves to be bothered by “doing laundry” when you’re in a middle of a lit writing session with yourself? Or when you’re in the middle of doing homework that needs to be done at that very day? Or when you’re concentration’s blown away because it was time for you to water deadbeat plants?

Whoops. Sorry. Think I got a little carried away with my ramblings again.

What do you say we jump to the real reason why this post was created in the first place?

One thing’s for certain after all these years of struggling myself into a “servantless” household, is that I have encountered an atrocious amount of growth coming out of it.

  1. Character – Having a house, there definitely needs to be regular cleaning done. Continuance into making the floor spick and span, and scrubbing the never-ending slippery bathroom floors requires persistence. Watering plants without skipping a day also requires persistence (unless of course it rains, then bless me dear Lord for effortless water pouring down those creatures from the sky). Let’s not forget cleaning up a simultaneously messy room from day to day, which could too use that spark of persistence while doing it. A numerous amount of important value is taught through unspoken ways during times I may not realize them: independence, humility, self-control, gratefulness, and sincerity. By doing chores, I have in other words, planted these seeds of value into my daily livelihood.
  2. Skill – Given the natural situation at hand, there will be times where I am demanded to exterminate a number of insects appearing out of nowhere, no matter how much it is scaring the living hell out of me. I’d freak out at first, but then I’d do just what needed to be done – kill it until it stops breathing and cleaning after it once it dies. The less creepy crawlies the better. Also, I’ve learned how to cut a miscellaneous collection of fruits, and prepare an exceptionally delicious herb-packed, seasoned, stir-fried vegetable meal for breakfast. That counts for something, right?
  3. Knowledge – Let’s start with how cold dish on plates laid out fresh from the refrigerator should be moved out to another platter before heating it up using the microwave to avoid cracks of your broken favorite china. Or how dangerous it is to let ingredients fall down the drains of any sink because it could cause a disturbing clog that requires more work by fixing down the pipes, and how important it is to scrub bathroom floors to prevent moss festering from every corner. These are small, significant things that requires a great deal of attention, and if lacked, could lead us to unnecessary situations.

There may be more, but too many for me to bring to mind for now. Just because I realize the good in having no servants living under your roof to help you, doesn’t mean I don’t utter grunts and eke sighs when it was time for me to bring a course to action. Otherwise there wouldn’t have been a rant from me slightly irritated by it from the start. (haha!) Friendly reminder that there’s a saying: the first thought that goes through your mind is what you are conditioned to think, the next defines who you are. Processing these thoughts require great practice, and I for one, am still on the verge of groping them as I go.

Do keep in mind, I’m not trying to accuse, shade, offend, or rectify anyone who hires servants intentionally. This post is a mere of my personal statement, jumbled up thoughts-turned-testimony about living under a servantless roof. I think it’s great to have that privilege of self-service. It really gives you that warm, sense of satisfaction when you look at your close-to-godliness home knowing it being a result of your own regarded hard works of sweat.

In the mean time, I hope you enjoyed devouring this little post of mine, that it fed you something as you scroll through it. Stay fit, don’t starve, and make sure to drink loads of water to keep yourself hydrated for the day. Oh, and speaking of water-

Don’t forget to water the plants.


Took me several attempts to finally reach the end of writing this post. Apologies for it to might have been a bit witty-worded and incoherent in a sense? I don’t know, you be the judge.
The holidays are quite near, so by then I will definitely have more time to write! I seriously can’t wait- what with Christmas as well being right around the corner. It just gets better and better.
Let me know if these thoughts affected you in whatever way possible, for I’d love to hear from you.
Have a jolly good evening, everyone.

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