Let It Snow | Review

3 epic short love stories written by 3 talented authors (Maureen Johnson, John Green, Lauren Myracle) intertwined into one. With every unfolded story, comes a different feel surfaced upon the harmonious, warmth of the very Christmas spirit itself.

Tis’ the only season to devour any heartwarming, joyous, Christmas reads… and to review them! I have had the absolute splendor of reading these little stories. Nothing better than a good book to curl myself in with a blanket during a naturally brisk evening, topped with a bottle of fresh mineral water laying by my side.

On to the review, then!

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Being my first time, reading a book with three different authors rolled into one wasn’t a bad idea at all. The literal concept of this book brewed me into cheer. They have each done a marvelous job at telling each story, from the very beginning, up until the end of this book. You know it had to close in with a happy ending because, I mean, it’s Christmas. Why should it be anything but happy?

My few complaints include it feeling a little too slow once you start crawling into each story. I had to reset my mind the moment we had to jump from one story after another, and settle into a whole new character with a completely different situation happening to him/her. It also took me quite a while to recall each side-character that appeared as a cameo in a different story because there were just so many of them. But nonetheless, t’was still a joy to encounter them being written in different lenses, seeing them fit so well at several given scenes where the author described their backstories that directly correlates to what was going on at the given moment.

The thing about having multiple characters in one book, separating them into 3 different tales would most definitely require a sense of depth being brought into each one. These authors, they’ve done just enough of that. Every main character of these 3 stories were very well-written, gloriously developed, and thoroughly explained, which was beyond satisfying. As a reader, getting to well enough know the characters in the story you’re reading is a must. I, for one had the greatest privilege of meeting these characters, so that pretty much counts for a plus to my thoughts on this book.

As a fond reader of John Green myself, his writing was, witty — per usual. Though his wasn’t entirely my favorite, it eked to carry in several contemporary tropes to mind that I adored. As for the other two, whose previous works I have never read, ended up being individually enjoyable and interesting to engulf in as well.

This was a good read. Definitely one that managed to get me off of a reading slump I was currently dealing with recently. Perfect to stir up such wonderful holiday vibes to the table with its vibrant, relevant, yet descriptive snowed-in, icy winter season elements inside of it. Recommended to all contemporary, romance, teenage-literature enthusiasts out there who are on a hunt for stories set on Christmas, making it even more complete to becoming the most wonderful time of the year.


I actually got this book from a very good friend of mine (Michelle!), who as turned out, was my secret santa during our Christmas get-together evening that happened a little over a week ago. She fulfilled my request of getting me a book, and after having to do enough research, this ended up being her pick.
Here’s the review you wanted, M. (; Let’s hope what I said in here made at least the tiniest bit of sense to you, for it has been too long since my last book review. Apologies if this appeared a little distorted, unrefined, or most likely gibberish for you to settle into. My bad. It’s always a matter of process in learning, is it not?
Anyhow guys, what are your plans on spending your holidays this year?

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