Tower Bridge, London

It was our last day, during which we’d chosen to spend ever so wisely breathing the bare downtown atmosphere that surrounded the Tower Bridge area. A well enjoyed breezy summer evening, where we have just finished our meal at a notable Japanese restaurant and was eager to explore the city some more.

Long story short, it was then we took a bus that carried us directly to our designated stop. Tower Bridge was just around the corner, and it took us around 5-7 minutes until we actually reached our destination – Tower Bridge. Nothing pleased me more than to witness the iconic scene laid upfront through my very eyes.

Processed with VSCO with k2 preset

Processed with VSCO with k2 preset

Bustling street cars, pedestrians walking there and here, an open blue pre-sunset sky, flowing winds that blew just about right,  chatters and phone-camera clicks that belong to none other than tourists originated from all around the world – nothing like a nice stroll down the quintessential bridge that holds the brand of dear old city of London himself.

I was in awe. Making my most out of every given moment while I still could, taking as many possible shots in about 5-6 different angles anywhere I desired my heart to, and withdrawing how it has been such a dream to visit this vintage-looking yet eye-pleasing view as a child.

Processed with VSCO with k2 preset

Processed with VSCO with k2 preset

The bridge (as seen from above and/or any London-related tourist-centered attraction images you may found anywhere around the web), has two tall Victorian-style engraved towers that interwove the very bridge itself, creating a sturdy, refined structure which was built in 1886 – 1894 to cross over the lovely River Thames. You might as well enhance your visit by paying a visit to the actual tower located up above – stepping on glass floors where you are to see the truest of London life through a *slightly* different angle, or a steady tour to the Walk of Fame and a visit to the Engine Rooms to indulge on a historical journey witnessing the people behind the mere existence of the London we all know and love today. May I suggest checking out the offers they currently have here?

It was a little over 5 that day, and we were still occupied with exploring what we could without trying to get ourselves nauseated through the new heights we were experiencing. The river was getting more and more beautiful by nightfall, decorated with shadows emerging from the occurring sunset with small ferries and boats crossing over from one edge to the other. The view was breathtaking.

Days like that were the best. The thought of wishing it to never end flew by countlessly,  not that I was being sentimental or anything. Because I totally wasn’t.

Alright, maybe just a little.

But only because I knew by then it was time for us to leave, and bid our goodbyes to the past week of getting to know this vibrant metropolis. To leave behind an endless range of places being left unexplored.

Fare thee well, London.

We’ll see you when we do.

I’ve been wanting to write another travel post for AGES. Thank God for me finally bringing one to execution.
Hope you enjoyed devouring the whole thing. And yes, there will be a few more coming. I probably just need to get my mind to it and start.
Anywho, let’s still not forget that Christmas is still happening next week, yet my plans are still horrifyingly scattered as hell. But I’ll see to writing again very soon for it is merely the one thing I love most doing.
I wish you all a pleasant holiday, that you should enjoy it while it lasts being surrounded by the people you love. (: ❤
Have a happy ho-ho-holiday, everyone!


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