2 Days

2 days. 

It took us merely 2 days to realize how short the time we have left to spend together. As more than just another batch of 12th graders in senior year, but as a genuine God-sent family of our own who may perhaps, seem to be a little imperfect at times, but can be selfless, endearing, and understanding towards one another during most.

We’re here at last; near the edge of our very last semester, where it can be the most intimidating, yet swiftest months there will be to ever experience by glance. Looking back at how far we’ve surpassed, it is safest to say that the battles we’ve fought resonate clear with steadfast, strong, proud, and aspiring values as we move onward to hustle in with the last.

Let the statement: “how the average of the many of the unpredictable national examinations being jumbled in a semester decides whether or not we graduate,” not be the reason we persevere anxiety within our brave hearts, but instead a drive that pushes hard enough for us to start, and finish stronger than the people we were once before.

During these last couple of days,

I have been anointed by none other than the Heavenly Father Himself.

I have received plenty from the coordinated sessions of thematic preaches from teachers whom I show much great love and respect to.

I have endured small and large conversations with just the right amount of people, and learned a few new little things along each and every course.

I have learned to write many long, meaningful, and heart-tugging messages to friends in one single night, and ended up delivering them on time during sunrise.

I have sung along a medley together with my classmates, and have done an exceptionally compact job at a very short-given designated time once our turn came to perform.

I have literally cried reading almost every letter being sent to me, surfacing the fact that more actually cared than I’d thought.

I have reconciled a few good old but gold friendships,

and I have strengthened currently steadfast ones as well.

So allow me the honor to say by writing this brief, poignant yet relieving post: that I am more than ever so grateful for these 2 short past couple of days, as well as for the people who pitched in to making it all the better.

I realize that this technically was to be our last moments of truth together; and a powerful boost to what will become of us during the next 4 challenging months to come.

So in the mean time,

let us keep our fighting spirits alive,

treasure the misadventures as well as the wonderful moments to soon occur during the limited amount of time together left,

and make the most out of it,

while we still can.

This was a short, carefully crafted little piece I’ve written just right after I went home from one of the most unforgettable trips in my life with my current senior high school friends. Turns out there was quite enough emotional juice for me to pour almost everything out when it came to writing it.
I hope it wasn’t too cheesy or awkward for you all to devour along the way.
(But of course, feel free to let me know if it did by commenting or dm-ing me on my instagram down below.)
Until we meet again,


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