Stories Behind “The Counterfeit”

Follow Arthur Strange, a notorious private-eye detective as he journeys along his beloved partner, Clarice Monroe, to unravel secrets beneath New York’s most terrifying murder mysteries in the 1950s.

“The Counterfeit” was an event brought to you by Masa Depan Cerah High School’s 2017/2018 batch of Grade 12 students presenting an art exhibition & auction, breathtaking musical performances, and a tension-packed theatrical play held last Saturday, January 27 2018. 

These array of stories were collected, redefined, and written as a tribute to everyone who contributed themselves into making Arthur and Clarice’s adventures came to life. Be aware that these stories were put in no particular biased order, and that it may also trigger a number of necessary heartfelt emotions as you scroll through each one.   


“I was put in the Event Division where I had to write the script, choose cameos, and organize the properties needed for the show. It was such a struggle to balance between acting and being there to coach others who didn’t really get where the story was going. They’d tend to ask me what came next while I was still in depth with studying my part as Clarice. But nevertheless, we’d managed to get everything done, and everything turned swell before we know it. Clarice Monroe, on the other hand, was another struggle itself to overcome. She is entirely different from my day to day self, and I needed time to really embody myself to become her to the point where I couldn’t sleep, eat, or study properly until D-day came. Thank God, I went all out during the performance – it was almost as if I was really Clarice Monroe on that stage, psycho-laughing whilst writing my book behind Arthur’s cases. Still think I could’ve done better, though. I loved being Clarice!” – Clarissa (Actress for Clarice Monroe & Scriptwriter)

“My left glove got ripped just briefly before it was time for me to step up as one of the paramedics on stage, so I had my other hand left to show to the crowd. If anything, I’m sure details like this mattered for the performance to turn from good, to better. The whole thing wouldn’t have been this great if it weren’t for our (paramedic) roles. Shoutout to everyone who worked their hearts on this successful performance, your efforts were superb, and the entire performance was spot on! Great job, guys.” – Hans (Actor for Paramedic)

“Jane Higgins had this sort of Mean Girl b*tchy attitude that I had to really master as an actress for this drama. I couldn’t do it at first, but I had coped myself to learn in order for it to look good. I gathered the confidence needed to execute countless hairflips with an irritating attitude and tone of voice – I went all out. I was ecstatic by the outcome of the show we put in together as a whole team, the teamwork was undeniably daring yet sufficient. How I wish I could repeat it all over again.” – Fanny (Actress for Jane Higgins & Vocalist)






“Everyone hated me. In the end, becoming the previously known anti-hero of this story got everyone pretty upset. Some said that Clarice even deserved the justice she needed due to my unforgivable boastful attitude. so I was… ashamed. My part involved a lot of yelling, and frankly? Unnecessary arrogant yet impatient dialogues and gestures that made them see me as… well, bad, you know? Arthur wanted to win the game, he wanted the full picture, but I sure do miss playing him. I am not exactly good at English in general, but was willing to learn in order to really get the Strange embodiment out of myself. I’ve spent hours on end learning my lines with Abe, and thank God, it all paid off in the end. ‘The Counterfeit’ was brilliant!” – Bill (Actor for Arthur Strange)

“There was this sort of recognition, becoming one of the two chosen pianists to perform in the show. Of course I got nervous, opening an act to a mystery-themed play wasn’t exactly my idea of contribution in the first place. I was so glad it finally ended, and I thought I did well. What I really loved was the fact that I also got to play in it as a reporter. I’ve never actually pictured myself as an actress before, so this was all a new room for me to grow through. ‘The Counterfeit’ was the best, we sure proved them right with what we did. All in all, it was a very interesting experience. The parents loved it.” – Gabriela A, (Actress for Reporter & Pianist)




“Luke wasn’t exactly my ideal character to act in a mystery-themed play like this, but in time, I finally got the hang of it. I made myself adapt to the current situation of every scene, pretending I’m someone else – someone who is serious about their job, dislikes chit-chat and just wants to get straight to the point. Clarice’s interview scene was the hardest for me, because to interpret Hemmingway through as much as 5 short, yet impression-leaving lines was difficult. But hey, I’m still ever so delighted to see the entire batch work in harmony to produce such a grandeur performance like this! The entire process itself was dragging, frustrating, and complicated to its very core yet I’d still love to do it all over again. Our batch was definitely the best.” – Abe (Actor for Deputy Luke Hemmingway)

  “Now being an average police, there is a need of charisma and prestige to withhold your post. But instead of adding all that, Jim needed more wit and a high sense of humor as a character, which was hard for me to mix in between at first. I was satisfied to have finally reach the medium where I embodied him as an actor, I even threw in an Indian accent to make him sound even more hilarious in person. I’m pleased to see how it all resulted, and took the pleasure of entertaining the crowd with their laughter from watching our performance. The one issue for me during practice was timing. Adjusting myself to the scene where we had to break into Arthur’s house once we got to the real venue was a real challenge, for the length of the stages between when we rehearsed at school and Ballroom89 was drastic. The GR kind of messed up a little during that scene. My favorite part? Listening to Alex’s voice. His performance had truly got me touched.” – Christopher (Actor for Jim the Police)

“It was a great show packed with a bunch of talented people. I almost forgot that they were just high school students! The future seems right, guys.” – Dea Elysia (Spectator)




“The struggles I had as Stan – a naive, ridiculously exploited character, was that I had to really dig through myself in order to reach new heights of his emotions. I’ve never really tried auditioning for a side-kick character in a play before, and his was really interesting to embody in this story. I mean, he’s the kind that would jump off a cliff if his boss told him to, a worse case scenario for idiocy itself if you’d ask me. Now about my role as a vocalist, both duet and vocal team – the feels were none that I’d ever experienced before. I mean, performing live? In front of all those people? I have really taken this singing thing seriously. I drank lemon, tried not to think of what others might say about my performance, and focused on continuously bettering myself. The vocal group, on the other hand, left a huge mark on me as I shed tears before our (very last) performance – one we’ve spent preparing for the last semester. I mean, yeah. You could say that I’m proud of becoming a part of this. It means a lot to me.” – Alex (Actor for Stan & Vocalist)

“It hurt a little to play a character that everyone around you think resembled you the most. Hunter is a pain in the ***, he is rotten spoiled, and thinks he has the power to destroy everything that blocks his way – thing is, he’s corrupted and has this irritating personality as a character. It may be hard at first to interpret him myself because there weren’t any visual representations of what he’d look like in reality. But overall, it was an honor to play him, we also had some good times during those late night rehearsals with the others. I’m glad that going through all that finally paid off.” – Andrew (Actor for Hunter)


“Singing is my passion, so believe me when I say that I was overjoyed when they chose me to sing in the Vocal Unit. This was my first ever chance to showcase the one thing I love most doing in front of everyone. The struggles, though, were quite a lot. The training was pretty tight. We were taught to persevere punctuality, responsibility, commitment, and teamwork throughout our practice sessions. I’d say I was pretty impressed with what we did back there. The entire show was great, too! And my word, the flashmob. It felt really nice to witness our batch perform together like that. The ending was a splendor, and I wouldn’t have had wanted it any other way.” – Marsel (Actor for Rob & Vocalist)

“The priest I was in role of was different from any other priests I am familiar with, for he actually caused his very own children (Arthur and Rob) to hustle instead of telling them to commence reconciliation, unlike any other normal priests would. It felt rewarding to have been given the opportunity of acting in this performance. I especially adored the vocal performance – and my sister did too! She sang the last bit where the vocalist sung ‘the world’ with her chin and hand held up high at home all the time. The performance left her quite big of a mark.” – Gracio, (Actor for Priest)

“The thing with being a timekeeper, is that you will have to be able to keep track of time being this wild, ongoing element that it is. A delayed schedule’s like a domino effect, you see: when one gets pushed away from the original timeline, it immediately affects the other right up until the very edge of the show. I gotta admit, our show had several difficulties with getting everything ready for show time, there were delays here and there, what with the vocal team and several scenes from the play, also the presenters that outdid the duration of doorprize handing to the audience – this made me go all:  ‘Duration, please! People, we are running off behind a schedule, here!’ But all in all, I loved seeing the fact that a bunch of 12th graders had committed themselves to arrange something as wondrous as this. Especially that last part (flashmob), the outcome of this all is beyond me!”  – Davina (Timekeeper & Member of Sponsorship Division)

“We didn’t really have it all at first: the schedules weren’t fixed, we’ve also superseded teachers after a few times of practice. It was all so awkward at first, being a dancer who is used to a slightly faster and slicker pace, going contemporary – with a little twist of girl-ish attitude within its moves, it was certainly a challenge. But from the looks of it, after actually reviewing the performance we did, it actually turned out better than what I had expected! I really wanted to work backstage at first, but once they’ve chosen me to become one of the dancers, I knew I was intrigued. The flashmob, unexpectedly, had become my favorite part of this entire thing. The idea actually came after I’ve seen ‘The Greatest Showman’ on screen myself, that our batch should totally go for it as a finale. So then of course, I started informing our director at the end of the movie, and long story short – the idea soon went for approval. I was super optimistic at first, so I ended up creating a choreography that would might as well be easy enough to learn in a nick of time, but then I thought – you know what, let’s just go for the real deal. I mean, how hard can it be? Turns out teaching an entire batch of 12th graders was – a wreck. We ended up teaching separately – per class, and there were 4 classes to teach with a total of 80+ students that needed to learn the choreography within an extremely short period of time. This definitely taught me the importance of being patient. I don’t know what I’d do if my emotions got the better of me. I was so relieved that everyone did great during the performance. ‘The Counterfeit’ was a huge success, and I am very proud to have been a part of it.” – Leonny (Dancer)

“I love dancing, but the dance we were to perform back then, it just wasn’t me at all. Learning it alone was enough of a struggle for me personally. Good thing it turned out okay, though! I sure hope the audience were pleased with our performance, what I didn’t like was the fact that I had to rush and change after each song. Once, I ran so fast, that we’ve almost missed our cue just to get from the dressing room back on top of the stage! It was an experience I shall never forget. ‘The Counterfeit’ would have never came to life if it weren’t for each and every one of you guys, no matter how small of a role you got, this would have never been done without you. Hey, you know what? Sometimes, becoming someone else’s shadow underneath a spotlight is a lot better than being the spotlight itself, otherwise a spotlight would’ve been weirdly scary without it. Just saying.” – Michelle H. (Dancer & Vocalist)


“‘The Counterfeit’ literally shifted my day to day role as a keyboardist to being a vocalist. Showcasing a talent I’d personally never thought I would touch, it was- it literally scared me to my bones. Confidence was apparently the one thing I’d lacked as a vocalist. The pitch set for my solo part was extremely high, that I had to take several sessions of practice in order to finally make it sound decent. I was afraid of not reaching that note when the time came for me to perform. My hands were wet, I just couldn’t think of  anything else but being afraid I’d mess up. Still, I think I did good, even when playing small, yet significant roles in the drama itself, be it a waitress, a reporter, and even Strange’s wife! And you know what? ‘The Counterfeit’ did not only make me step out of my comfort zone as a performer, but it immersed me in a way that no other live performances I’ve seen these past couple of years had. The plot, the feels, the flashmob, they were all in full swing! “ – Jillian (Actress for Reporter, Waitress, and Arthur’s Wife & Vocalist)

“The beginning was always the toughest. We were restricted to eating greasy food, the schedule for practices was a train-wreck on its own, there were conflicts all over the place, and we even ended up changing songs a few times until it finally got settled with! Everyone in here wanted the spotlight, including myself. But setting all that aside, I’ve learned a great deal of professionalism here as a vocalist. I was pretty satisfied, to say the least, with both with my solo and vocal team performances. Yet, I’d definitely take my chances of re-doing that solo performance if I had been given another one. I knew I could’ve done better with my pitch. Being a part of this huge project – it means the world to me. I believe this was God’s way of giving me a chance to finally shine, for nobody really noticed me since Junior High, and I truly am grateful for that. The teamwork was- goodness, I was blown away by how we worked together to bring the best we could for our vocal performance! My mom, and even my fellow cellgroup sisters came to watch me perform during D-day, they even got me a bouquet of flowers as a token of their love and support! Though, to be honest, I think the vocal performance could use a little extra credit from the crowd themselves, I mean we’ve worked off our guts enough to spend hours of never ending practice and all that jazz. I hope you guys can at least understand that this was simply not a ‘dubbed’ scenario to fill in the blanks of the show’s rundown itself, rather a soulful performance in which you all should appreciate more as respectful audiences.” – Sydney (Actress for the Priest’s Daughter & Vocalist)

“The Vocal Unit left quite a huge mark on me. I was so glad to have been given a chance to submit my voice to the team. Although, I did manage to catch a fever a couple of days before the show due to the fatigue of it all. We weren’t allowed to eat spicy food, which was hard for me – a lover of all things hot and peppery. My favorite part was when we all did the flashmob in the end, it was something I shall hold near and dear in my heart forever.” – Virginia (Vocalist)



“The percussion team felt like a second family to me, I mean we’ve been through so much with what little time we had during our rehearsals! Everything just went by too quickly for me. Aside from finding a new set of brothers and sisters to hold onto, there were prominent values that I’ve also managed to grab a hold of throughout ‘The Counterfeit”s process in making as well. Values like respect, and appreciating those around us, and patience, and also problem-solving. The challenges we’ve faced were big, but our hearts were bigger. I was also stage manager during D-day, and there were indeed a lot of fuss to coordinate performers, cuing them before they were about to show. I think the batch did a marvelous job of executing each of their assigned roles. Let’s do this again sometime, yeah?” – Yangyang (Drummer & Member of Music Team)

“The percussion performance – though it wasn’t always perfect from the very beginning, with all the forgotten bangs and a fairly odd tempo, I’d say it was the best we could give to please the crowd. The last practice session we had was a clutter, where there was an enormous struggle put to configure a part where we had to hit the drums in unity, what’s worse was that the part was originally going to be the best part of our performance itself! We’ve honestly prayed before the show – as a family, and I believe we’d be nothing without the Lord by our sides. I am proud to have become a member of ‘The Counterfeit’ team, aka the 2017-2018 batch. Having especially devoted leaders among us to help make all this happen, it’s such a surreal blessing to become a part of all this. I mean hey, even my brother said that this was the best performing arts he’s seen so far! Great work, everyone!” – Angeline (Drummer & Member of Music Division)

“‘The Counterfeit’ was superb! Nobody would have thought that a batch of 12th graders were behind the makings of this phenomenal show. Bravo!” – PT. Bumi Menara Internusa

“Sponsorship was legit, hard. Getting the funds you need for a massive project like this wasn’t always as smooth-sailing as anyone thought it would be. I have personally gained so much from becoming the head of the sponsorship division, it all really came so sudden. I’d initially thought Sasa (Clarice) would seamlessly lead us to victory with her well-known charisma and spirit, but she ended up getting the role as the main character instead – hence, tables were turned as I was given the responsibility of leading this team. I am the type of person who refuses to bail when being given huge responsibilities like this, so there was no turning back for me then. I knew God held my hand the entire time I went through it. Call me silly, sentimental, weird, or whatever, but I’d never stopped praying before I were to meet people to hand in sponsorship proposals for our project. I knew God had really listened to me, for He broke the barriers of my limitations and helped me lead the team into getting the exact amount of money we needed to go on. I also began to realize that, leaders do not always have to appear stern and oppressive towards their team-members, instead they are more likely to be followed as friends who endlessly build a supportive atmosphere within their teammates. I am nothing without God and everyone else that were there to listen, encourage, and push me throughout this entire sponsorship journey. I- goodness, everything turned out so well!” – Tiffany (Head of Sponsorship Division & Drummer)

“I had to really hurdle with being the head of the Food Division at the time, delivering food to the VIP audiences, and conducting survey on what food should fit to devour during the show – for the people, they’re bound to get hungry, no? ‘The Counterfeit’ obviously grew me for the better, I learned to not underestimate the little things – though they may be little, but they are vital. Oh and the percussion team! I’ve found new brothers and sisters to spend time with amidst all the hectic chaos we were experiencing during rehearsal sessions. I love you guys so much!” – Agnes (Drummer, Head of Food & Beverages Division)

“Challenges? From my standpoint, it felt like it went fluid from the start. I especially enjoyed the percussion team. Nothing really had me going under pressure, I’ve always thought of this team as a family of my own, who cherishes togetherness throughout our often late night practices. I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out during the show, though to admit, it got a little out of hand during our General Rehearsal pre-showtime. Super glad to have contributed in ‘The Counterfeit’, and am super proud of you all!” – Matthew (Actor for Scott & Drummer)

“Confusion stroke me at first. The structure of this project didn’t exactly come with blueprints for me to decipher, so there was in need of plenty arrangements to be made with the musical performances. I was in charge of the vocal unit, so there were definitely challenges like miscommunication, misunderstandings, and just- time, I suppose, that got the better of me at some point. But I learned that the key to a successful teamwork was none other than communication. I am proud to have helped the members through the excursion of our practices, and is super blessed to see them perform so beautifully on stage. A note of thanks to the people of the Event and Music Division who helped along the way, and to our beloved mentors. I’m in between overjoyed and surprised to have been given an upmost privilege of becoming the music director for this team, and to all-in-all contribute myself in ‘The Counterfeit’ project… It was an honor.” – Meylin (Drummer & Music Director)

“It was a pretty big deal we were up against with back there. collecting and conserving everyone else’s thoughts and regards about how the story was supposed to be depicted, how the characters should react, and how the plot should register within the genre we were fixated at. However, seeing how it all turned out behind my tiny multimedia latitude over the top edge of the ballroom, I’d say it was a job well done. Definitely exceeded my expectations. Seeing everyone working so hard, becoming this super compact alpha-team who made all this possible – as only 17-year-olds who still had the entire world to witness. I was in awe – still am. In the end, we did not do it to merely impress, (I’d still needed to hear compliments in case you were wondering) but to simply remind everyone who is anyone participating in this, that we wouldn’t have never gotten this far alone. I mean come on, I even deleted my SIMS 4 (where I built a huge mansion and constructed a family and everything) for the sake of the dubbing files we needed for this play! This was so worth it.”Gracia (Director, Music Composer, Music Director, & Music Writer)

“The show was a success, the thought never really slipped through my mind thinking that everyone loved it so much in the end. Though to shamelessly admit, there was never going to be success without hard work. I was there from the very start, experiencing all kinds of distraught situations and countless misfits within our operational system as a team. A huge lesson I grew with was to guard everyone else’s feelings, to become neutral amidst all the conflicts and miscommunication there was to settle into – without the need to express my own. I ended up crying more at home, and it was a struggle for me to control my feelings and not releasing them out in the open, since I am an extrovert who apparently tends to do so. But I loved being a part of this, ‘The Counterfeit’ was beyond anything I’d ever hoped it would be.” – Vanessa (Head of Event Division & Ballet Dancer)

“Gosh, there was just so many (challenges) to face in the costume division, I don’t even know where to begin! Let’s see, the decisions had been made ever since December 25th, and there were still plenty who forgot to bring the needed materials due deadline date. I gotta say, there was a lot of work needed to be done as not everyone liked what they ended up wearing, but I was so thrilled to see them bear with it… I mean, the show must go on, right? I loved how the play turned out, I watch a lot of shows like that, you see. So believe me, this was legendary.” – Shuchen (Member of Costume Division)


 “I used up a total of 120GB storage of memory for this whole project, and my hard disk burned (literally) during exactly a week before the show. I started doing the BTS video since 3 months ago, and literally got it done the night before show time. Everything was smooth until the humiliating muted video was shown on screen, unraveling the unfortunate error occurrence during the conversion process, which then led me to not participate in the last and only league-oriented thing we did together as a united batch on that stage. What more could a fellow Documentation Division member want? My favorite part of ‘The Counterfeit’? Everything was more or less authentic for me to see, and was worth the documenting as well. Especially the percussion and vocal performances, for their lightnings were exceptionally on fleek (whiled the acute rest looked like cr*p).” – Fred (Member of Documentation Division)

“I’ve never actually been assigned to a responsibility as big as this in my life. This was all new to me, being head of the documentation division. There were struggles to overcome, and challenges to conquer – I was so tired. I’m pumped, though, to see how it all worked out accordingly in the end. I honestly thought we were going to kind of mess this up from the start, yet instead we kept moving onward to the stage where everything sailed unexpectedly smoother than I’d thought it would. I learned a great deal of being the head of the documentation division this year, that there was no turning back, and the show must go on. It took me 2 days to finally finish those subtitles for the drama, which was overwhelming, yet worth all the trouble. I loved being a part of this.” – David H (Head of Documentation Division)

“No words may ever truly describe how awesome ‘The Counterfeit’ was.” – Sioe Ie (School Principal)


“We were outnumbered. Helping hands were scarce. Those were the reasons behind the food and beverages not being handed out properly during D-day. Yet, it was nice to see everyone in unity in making ‘The Counterfeit’ to life, am lost with words with the performances given. The flashmob part, especially. All in all, it was an okay experience coming from me.” – Ruth (Actress for Reporter & Member of Food & Beverages Division)

“I had a fixed lens with me that day so it was kind of hard to search the angles that suited my photos. The distance between the stage and my assigned post was so far that I had to cut through it by walking closer up to the front in means to get a slightly decent view. Reflecting back, witnessing the entire thing as a photographer myself from a frog’s eye view… felt refreshing. It was nice to see how wonderful the performances turned out, and how the hard work behind all that was incredible. Still, I am sad that it all had to come to an end, as this was the last together-thing we were to do as a batch of 12th graders this year. I’ll surely miss it.” – Sherin (Member of Documentation Division)

val piano

“Let’s see… My obstacles included where I didn’t have enough time to rehearse for my song, and that I was nervous of playing the piano in front of the audience, especially with the spotlight hitting directly on my face during my performance. I felt a sense of relief when my time came to an end, it was like a weight’s finally been lifted off my chess. As a designer, there were plenty of revisions that needed to be made, as there were merely so many of us in the team at the time, but it was a such a pleasure to see our work being showcased and spread almost everywhere (posters, invitations, & tickets). The outcome of everyone’s efforts were just out of this world. This was the greatest show!” – Valerie (Pianist, Member of Documentation Division, & Vocalist)


  “Time was of the essence from our (Decoration Division) side. The team members, they would sometimes get inconsistent in what they were doing. It was times like this that I needed to really prove my stance as a leader as opposed to being a friend, because then I would treat them all equally with discipline in means of getting everything done. We’d work for hours with no end through the night almost every week, it was exhausting. There were also times where we needed to get supplies – making considerations within the range of price and quality of the materials needed for the decor. I am so grateful to have seen the finished products being showcased during the day of the event! There were a few people who’d been skeptic towards us creating that gate, but instead, we proved them wrong. It was all a big accomplishment for us, accessories like the footprints that led to the entrance of the ballroom, details like that- they matter. I learned that when we willed ourselves to do our best, the aftermath of it- it would certainly surprise you.” – Josephine (Head of Decoration Division)

“The people in our division- they were strong-willed and ambitious, plus each of them had their own views on how this play should work out from the start. In other words, to gather everything, and putting them to execution were not an easy job. To conduct a play as big as this, it all still feels bizarre to me, in the best way of course – what with all the compliments we’ve received from the crowd. I learned- plenty. That to fulfill a goal as big as this, it can never be done alone. There will be drama, it will be complicated and irritating. People will talk, yet it is merely a choice to mental-break and listen to what they have to say, or ignore them. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t listen to them at all either, rather we should be mature enough to digest the critiques given for the sake of becoming better in the future. I am extremely glad to have become a part of ‘The Counterfeit’. Shocked, even to see how everything turned out way better than what I’d come to expect. I don’t honestly have a favorite part- everything was my favorite.” – Winda (Member of Event Division Team)

“Stupendous acting. I’d say it was a 15 out of 10 performance.” – Lany Tjowasi (MC)

“My post involved a lot of standing up, sitting right back down, and smiling at the guests who were to arrive witnessing our show. It was tiring, but still a notable experience to gain, at least. Being a member of the sponsorship division, on the other hand, was fun. I mean, we got to skip class several times in means of spreading out proposals for our play, yet it was quite tough for us to communicate with our prospects – we had to make ourselves sound persuasive, yet still professional to really talk them out to investment. I especially learned a lot from that bit. Oh, and whoever had the idea of us performing the ‘This Is Me’ flashmob in the end – you’re a bomb.” – Amel (Member of Sponsorship Division & Ticketing Officer)

“I was afraid we’d mess up during showtime due to our GR – it was awful. There wasn’t enough time to do another, so that got me down a little at the time. I have gained a lot from this experience, of course – that as team, we were formed to pick each other up, not bring each other down. Underestimating others would turn everything worse, and responsibility is extremely vital to accumulate big projects like this. The show was fantastic, everything turned out better once the compliments started to flow throughout the end. And, the DVD’s still not out yet – but I would love to watch it over and over again once it’s been released. Oh, and ‘the world’ part at the end of the vocal performance? That was really something.”  – Adrian (Member of Event Division)

“Throughout preparation days, we sometimes forgot to lean onto Him, so instead we ended up leaning onto ourselves. Unexpected things had happened during the process of making: there were a number of contradictions, complaints, voices that I needed to deal with hearing from all sides of respected divisions becoming Head of Committee this year. To say that I pulled my hair to cope with all this is an understatement, but I tend to just let it flow and move on. All those sleepless nights, and never-ending work as a leader had finally come to an end with the breathtaking outcome I’ve witnessed myself during D-day. To anyone of ‘The Counterfeit’ family reading this: thank you. We wouldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for your help. You made this all possible.” – Thalia (Head of Committee)

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Photo courtesies:
“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” – Colossians 3:23
And finally, a noteworthy of thanks to everyone who gave in their voices into making this post possible.
It was a privilege to listen to each and every one of your stories, and to write them down for you.
I hope you enjoyed reading them.


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