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Okay, so given the *~limited amount~* of spare time amidst all my ongoing school-related-havocs these days, I’ve decided to compile another list of mini reviews (or as one might like to call it, rambles) on the series (and this time, movies) I’ve watched recently.

Although, I gotta be honest: this list have gone quite miscellaneous. I’ve been trying to explore as many genres to find as many things that intrigue me most as I can. And as it turned out, several left me in awe with its plot, others with their script-writing, and perhaps few with their mind-opening scenarios on life as we know it.

So, shall we start?


The Crown (Season 2)

The wait was finally over as Netflix finally released its 2nd season that dug deep into the British Monarch – exposing the deeper, exponential progress on Queen Elizabeth’s reign. The 2nd season tackled some of the bigger events that happened from the 1950s – 1960s, providing the audience with a close to real visualization of how the royal family encountered their highs and lows. A season that’s wrapped itself with mysteries, revolutions, conflicts, international relations, family, and many more. From the Kennedy assassination to the Profumo affair, revelations regarding the waves and tides of Prince Phillip, to a change in standard government procedures behind the critics of an English provocateur. It may be the pleasure of witnessing settings that were off the hook, or consuming such an impeccable plot, also maybe getting to know such dear characters, all I know is I am in love with this show – and cannot wait to see more of it coming soon.

The Man In The High Castle

The series tell of an alternate universe where Nazi Germany and Japan won the WWII – that premise alone was enough to get myself intrigued. Set in the U.S 1960s, the overthrown country was divided to three parts: The Greater Nazi Reich (east coast), Pacific States (west coast), and the neutral zone. The show explored a great deal of humanity, and depicted such a horrifying universe with delicate accuracy. Though I must say the plot can get a little slow and confusing at times, and that I know the major plot-turner still hides somewhere beyond the latest season, but all in all, this show still needs all the more recognition it deserves for its brilliantly executed concept.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

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Nothing freshens me quite like a middle-grade series. Based on the notorious written dark fantasy novels of Lemony Snicket, the series follow 3 orphans who are left with an enormous fortune by their parents who died after a fire accident. It was sometimes annoying to witness the roles being switched between the children and the so called “adults” in this series, but there was no denying that I was astonished by Snicket’s participation in telling the story himself throughout every episode with his well-crafted dialogues. From what I heard, the book-to-movie-adaptation element was spot on enough to make the readers wanting more of the trio (and the absurdity of Count Olaf) within the next season. Again, I believe Netflix had done another excellent job with this one.

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

Probably my favorite on the list – based on the famous Japanese manga by Yarō Abe, the series follow “Master”, an owner of the Midnight Diner located somewhere in the middle of Tokyo, whose specialty is to cook anything his customers want – as long as he has ingredients for it. Each episode tells an individual story – a schism between an ex apprentice and his teacher, a forbidden cross-culture marriage, a girl who knits sweaters for the guys she crushes on – you know, the day to day human relationships in life that we may ourselves stumble upon each day. Reminded me a lot of Humans of New York, except this one’s got a diner in it that connects in between just that.


Filosofi Kopi

Might be a bit obsolete for me to catch up on this just recently, but it was worth the time. The movie tells about 2 partners who are determined to keep their coffee shop going – no matter what the cost. It was a refreshing sight to see the struggles and misadventures of these characters, despite the plot being a little dragged at times. This goes to show that the Indonesian film industry might just get better and better into revealing value-oriented content in the years to come, which I am most certainly looking forward to see.

Black Panther

I went to see this without bother looking at its premise and/or trailer, and ended up keeping my expectations low. Alas, this was more than just another Marvel installment, I gotta tell you that. Revealing a different side of marvel – diving deep into the core values of international relations, and the black culture representation, this was no ordinary movie. I’d say this was the best film ever to be released by Marvel. I simply cannot recommend it enough.

Hope you enjoyed reading this batch of reviews of things I’ve watched recently. I know I’ve been lacking myself out on writing a lot, but I have my reasons. Might come up with a post on that, might not. We’ll see.
I’ll see you when I do.


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