CG WORKS [XII IPS 1]: An Exclusive Scope


I gotta be honest with you: this project has been buried down under my workload during the last few weeks – and bummer, I apologize for putting it off for too long.  Consequently, I finally found the right cup of emotion to actually bring this piece to life.

I strongly advise you to do yourself a favor: sit this one out with something light to eat or drink for company when reading this, because boy, you are going to need it.

Filled with the bits and pieces of the profiled members themselves: aspiration-brimmed heads, kindred-spirited hearts, miscellaneous backgrounds, and a million dreams galore –

I present to you a social class that never fails to leave you in awe:

CG Works.

(to the members: since the scope isn’t in any particular order whatsoever, I wish you luck in finding yours down below!)

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Winston Fajarai

A valid member of the class who is intrigued with anything related to computer technology – not to mention, a massive gamer who spends most of his time online. A dog lover, who happens to persevere patience and kindness, and shall continue his studies at Ciputra University, partaking the Information System Management major for the next 4 coming years. His visions include a better, trusted, sturdy security system for Indonesia, and its growing database.

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Rodderick Soetarso

Claiming himself to be a car enthusiast, Derick longs to accomplish his childhood dream as a racer. He is always trying his best to stay kind and neutral in class – therefore, he takes every chance he gets to gather the class together in unison out on a get-together to show how much he longs for their togetherness. Aside from that, his next stop leads to Jakarta, Prasetya Mulia University in pursuit of a degree in Branding.

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Jovina Aureen 

Born in Samarinda, Kalimantan, Jovin has been raised to constantly explore and try new things. Can be a perfectionist at times when it comes to things like the cleanliness of her household, or her cooking, or her calligraphic handwriting. Despite all that, she is precious to the core, and still struggles to reach new heights towards becoming more confident in herself. Owns her own start-up culinary brand called ‘Cemil Syek Nou’, her next path lies in Ciputra University, as a student in the Culinary Business major who aspires to own a food-related business herself someday.

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Angeline Celesta

Her passion revolves around music: the piano – and sometimes even composing songs with it on her own. A devout to God and her music + mentoring service in church, her energetic spirit claims that she is nothing without the Lord Himself. Her next stop lies at the heart of the Indonesian capital city, Jakarta. Geared with a 100% scholarship in Tarumanegara University, taking an in-depth 4-year-study in Psychology so that she may someday fulfill her goal of building her own less / non-profit academy for children with special needs.

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Gracia Tumakaka

An innovative story-teller who believes that the core in visual communication is to let the audience become a vital part of the experience themselves. For there are just several things that are best put in motion in a way words alone can never do without. 5 words that resonate to her being: ambitious, creative, fun, hard-working, and passionate. A jack-of-all-trades type of individual who stands out among the others. Ica longs to build an advertising/branding company that helps her clients bring their stories to life. In the midst of her few months left before leaving to Jakarta for her studies in Prasetya Mulya University, in pursuit of Branding, she is currently building a mini version of her dream company with her friends here in Surabaya.

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Michelle Josephine

Known as MJ in class, she develops a deep love for fashion, beauty, and make up. Her lovely personality enables herself to befriend plenty: from either both in and outside of class. Spends most of her free time scrolling through the Instagram feed and reading novels to gather inspiration and ideas, her dream of entrepreneurship stands strong in the make-up industry, or better yet, her becoming of a make-up artist in her city. Who knows what lies beneath her upcoming life to pursue International Business Management in Ciputra University, Surabaya?

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Michelle Marchelline

A rare, hardworking gem whom herself claims to lack skills and talent (which may not be true at all), but never gives in without a fight to maintain the things she cannot live without. An extremely introverted artist whose canvas comes in forms of both choreography (dancing) and pitches (singing). Quite the reader who devours biographies that inspire her to live a life with no regrets. She plans to continue her studies as an Interior Design student in Petra Christian University, Surabaya so that she may build her own interior business empire here someday while she’s at it.

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Janice Kariyadi

A socially awkward community journalist who would normally find herself on a binge – watching history / politics-related TV shows and reading books. Eager to continue the pursuit of her calling on her Brian-Stanton-inspired media on instagram (Surabaya Tells), she sometimes finds it hard to equally weigh her life into balance. Her next stop lies in the International Business Management major at Ciputra University, Surabaya, in hopes that one day she would also run an entrepreneurial business of her own.

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Vanessa Hartono

A cheerful little one who is passionate upon doing the things she loves. Her interests include make up, water-colouring, reading, cooking, and anything there is to relate with craft. With the few months upon her arrival to Jakarta in means of studying Business at Prasetiya Mulya University, she is now growing a graphic-design branding company with Ica. As she is now painting customized water-colour designs for her company, her aspiration to someday have the privilege to say, “do what you love, love what you do” still stands till today, and should always does in the days that has yet to come.

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Kathleen Olivia

An active, yet drowsy member in class. Though not always soulfully present in class (just because she sleeps half the time the lectures go on), Kathleen has a solid knack when it comes to salesmanship. It is extremely common for her to announce her open pre-orders aloud in class in means of reaching her goal to selling her mother’s delightful home-made roasted pork meals. Still currently undecided on where she wants to go, she hopes to pursue a degree on becoming a Patisserie through Le Cordon Bleu University, Melbourne to someday open up her own bakery.

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Jonathan Marco

Probably known as he who dares to dream (both literally and figuratively) in class, Marco’s way of thinking lies 20 steps ahead compared to others. Often found with his MacBook watching prominent talks and documentaries, analyzing them, and then putting them to discussion with his dumbfounded partner: Fred. His upcoming plans include departing to Guang Zhou, SCN University to study Chinese Language for business, and “to live in the world in which he designs”,  as in, where he gets the upmost authority to become the policy-maker he desires.

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Sherren Novalia

Simple-minded, yet beautiful and adorable – Shuchen has a unique tendency to crack those around her with laughter. Exceptionally great at mixing and matching outfits, she possesses the raw talents of a fashion consultant. With her off to Ciputra University to study Culinary Business soon, she yearns to achieve her childhood dream of becoming a celebrity chef – it’s that, or a professional model in a widely-known brand catalog. Whichever comes first, or better yet: both!

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Davina Siauw

An enigma who never fails to keep up with the hype, and quite the heavy sleeper during both class and recess, too. Davina has this inner party animal inside of her that unveils when the timing calls. Adores keeping up with the latest theater releases, she plans to continue pursuing a degree in Ciputra University taking up the International Business Management major with aspirations to open up her own styled printed-tee brand online shop someday.

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Gabrielle Santoso

Gabby might not be the loudest speaker in class, but really, she can be a sweetheart once you get to know her. She loves dogs too much, or at least, that’s what she tells everyone. Her voice resonates through her sketchbooks she keeps for not just anyone to peek through – if anything, she is a naturally born artist who is quite rare to find these days. Her goal is to graduate from her next education pit-stop (1,5 years), in 3D Sense Media School, Singapore studying Concept Design in order to one day get a fulfilling job that pays her well.

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Evan Taruna

Evan can be cool, fun, friendly, and an all-in-all complete package you’d want in a classmate you won’t ever forget. His interests vary from basketball, collecting sneakers, and analog photography. As he stumbles upon his new journey to Petra Christian University to obtain a degree in Business, he strives with strong ambitions to someday become a more successful businessman than his father by starting up his own.

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Frederick Lee

Claims to have diagnosed a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder, Fred is a nature-born perfectionist who is well organized and detail-oriented. Uncommon to his kind, he has this strong passion for airplanes – which includes collecting their photographs, videos, and anything there is to know about them. Also a genetically-born Chinese, he plans to continue his studies in his homeland at Chinese University of Hong Kong by partaking Business Management as his chosen major. His long-term goal is to become a well-known professional abroad, then perhaps going back to Indonesia to build a company of his own.

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Marsel Wijaya

One can never get enough load of Marsel’s misadventures in class: he’s funny, adorable, (not to mention a smooth-talker individual when it comes to the ladies), but may sometimes piss you off with his numerous acts of mischief. Develops a deep passion for singing and cooking, he is determined to audition for next year’s Indonesian Idol to become the next teen-pop-sensation – amidst his time as a hospitality student in Nusa Dua University, Bali.

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Tiffany Olivia

Admits to still going on her voyage to self-discovery, Ipun sends out distinctive charms like no other to those around her. Once a 2nd runner up to a region-wide model competition, her passion also happens to involve hand-lettering and embroidery. She plans to get herself immersed in as many psychological resources as possible before her in-take to Monash College, Melbourne in pursuit of a Psychology (Bachelor of Arts) degree. Aiming high, her life-time goal is to be the next top-notch-quality influencer the world has ever seen.

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Amelya Feliciana

Amel may be shy during a first impression, she may not even say much – but pray tell, she would immediately transform to a complete opposite once you get to know her. Imported straight from a small town in Kalimantan called Tanah Grogot, she is known as a great listener indeed who gives an even greater advice to those who would normally come to her seeking for it. Her future calls in Petra Christian University with Finance being the major of her choice, so that she may someday help develop her parents’ work back in Kalimantan.

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Fanny Angeline

Fanny’s mood may swing from time to time, yet she is genuinely wrapped with kindness and patience shown to those around her. The articulate essence of her voice may get her the cut to being a radio announcer or (more-likely) an actress. She loves to sing, do make-up, and create art in forms of meals. She will continue her education in Ciputra University studying International Business Management, and is determined to someday open up her own bakery (or salon, and restaurant, and orphanage). She adores to spend her free time baking goods or cooking meals for her family and start-up culinary business – during which she always opens pre-orders in class selling her products.

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Clarissa Kent

Sure hope you remember Clarice Monroe from ‘The Counterfeit’, because her personality very much appeals to the role she played on set – leaving all the psychotic behaviors aside, of course. Spends her free time watching ‘Mukbang’ on YouTube just- because. Her next stop lies also in Ciputra University diving in Hotel & Tourism Business studies, for she visions of taking over the world by building her array of hotel branches scattered all around the globe someday.

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Virginia Muljono

Described herself as ‘weird, noisy, and temperamental’ the other day, but may also become an overly-excited cutie pie who expresses her emotions thoroughly during real life situations. She has a recent solid interest in reading books, and her passion involves singing, doing korean-styled make-up, and travelling to places she’s never been before. Her journey will soon continue in Ciputra Univeristy (again), to study Hospitality and Tourism Business so that she may also gain her chance to become a hotel critique whom travels the world someday.

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Marchello Hans

A self-proclaimed Indonesian version of ‘Sam Kolder’ that may be true to his present career as a YouTuber. He has a strong desire to build an advertisement company of his own, while simultaneously earning experience by working on a famous YouTube travel channel called ‘Beautiful Destinations’. A soon-to-be freshman in Ciputra University, Hans plans to sharpen his motion-editing skills by taking a Visual Communication Design major for the next 4 years to come.

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Matthew Theodosius

Matthew loves himself – so much that he never misses a chance of treating himself to meals that satisfy his limitless cravings. He enjoys anything related to strategic-thinking (hence, chess) and is extremely fond of sports like running, basketball, and soccer. He plans to enhance his knowledge in Finance at Petra Christian University so that he might as well find a way to manage and earn as much money as he can for an early retirement.


Sydney Rosalind

A lot may say she sounds mean, or easily tempered by the silliest of things, but really, she can be the sweetest honey-suckle once you get to know her. Tries to always stay happy and fun in all situations, her hobbies vary from singing, dancing, doing make up, cinematography, photography, and coaching other people to become the better versions of themselves. As she embarks on her journey of pursuing a degree in Communication at Petra Christian University, she currently has a production house under construction – which she envisions to one day conquer the production world nationally, and who knows, maybe even a break through Hollywood.

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Bryan Samuel

A maniac in online games whose hopes and dreams don’t lie too far from being a game streamer, developing his own game-oriented channel on the web. Bryan is a strong individual, both inside and out. Nothing beats him from protecting the ones he love most (friends and family). His next stop lies in the International Business Management major in Ciputra University to explore his newfound interests on this field, and become the successful man he desires one day.


A lot of you may wonder why I decided to compile an uncommon post on my blog about my senior-year classmates I’ve spent with during the last couple of years.

The answer’s simple: I don’t ever want to forget you all.

As we brace ourselves for the next few weeks to embark each of our paths as individuals, I would like to add a note of thanks to this family. Though our moments spent together may be brief, yet may also ride several rough-tidings during times – I would give in almost anything, if it ever were possible to play everything back the way it did.

Writing this required a lot of effort, and to be honest with you, my head’s been pounding hard thinking of the right words to summarize the last 6 members written above. I kept going because I know it’ll be worth it – that I hope someday you all may look back on these people when reading this, and cherish the good old times we have during our 2 years in class together.

 Also, thank you guys for sending me in your entries. The post would never have been done without it. Did I mention that I enjoyed reading them as well? Haha. It was refreshing to know that you all had goals on your minds that never got the shot to be shared aloud – thus, I’m happy to help write them down on this post for you.

I CANNOT wait to hear all about your successful stories someday.

I wish you all the best of luck on your journeys, and

may God be the one to lead you to each of your goals, and

guess I’ll see you when I do.


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