My 1st Week As A Business Management Student

“Oh, you’re going to xxx university to study business? That should be a piece of cake for you.”

“Wait, about that full scholarship – are you serious? That’s crazy! Uni should be hella easy for you, Jan! Congrats!”

“Being a student in xxx university is easy. You’ll definitely manage.”

These were probably the top 3 testimonies I’d hear from almost everyone I chose to gain insight and/or information with regarding the experience of studying in my university. Be it a senior, alumni, or a friend who’s also got a friend who studies here. You name it.

Of course, with me being the former recipient, it’s only natural to take account on whatever answer there is that’s offered from the respondents whom obviously had better clarity on what it’s like to study here, especially those who are currently taking 24 credits a semester in means to graduate faster. I know a week of adaptation alone won’t exactly be enough to justify whether or not I can handle this on a day to day scale, but I still felt the urge to say it aloud: uni is going to be harder than I thought.

I should first mention that, being an ambitious scholar I was back in high school ultimately boosted my expectations to earn a higher GPA on my report card, obtain maximum overall performance, and participate in as many extracurricular activities as I could – doing whatever it takes to be the “rolemodel” student there is. But as much as I yearned for academic-wise perfection, there were other priorities outside of this so called ~“new journey as a student in university”~ that needed more of my attention.

Remember the time when I published a post about how I got a role as a marketing handler during the 2 weeks of my high school’s internship program? Well, I ended up morphing into being just that – an intrapreneur of a sort, which if I recall correctly would require a much (MUCH) higher commitment to earn that minimum wage I deserve to save up for my future necessities. It’s not everyday you earn the trust of a company that lets you tinker and experiment on their behalf. I couldn’t just let the opportunity slide that easy, now could I?

Another priority (and for this, I have got the biggest tendency to consider as one) I simply won’t leave behind is Surabaya Tells. My family would normally remind me stuff like, “This isn’t your biggest urgency, you’re not even earning a single penny out of this, yadda yadda yadda.” I know, I know. I am too aware that by continuing to manage this project full time, there would be a huge possibility of my whole life basically falling out of place. There is still this constant self-questioning side in me that keeps thinking I should stop operating this project for the time being. I for one, could not bear the thought of going on a hiatus. This project has developed too far for me to stop midway, and I want it to nurture still. No matter how slow it’d take.

So how do I cope up with doing all 3?

Every night I’d will myself to schedule what I’d do for the next day – for I know I’d go through another array of non-productive, slacking-off days as a couch potato watching Netflix or “rest” instead of getting things done. And for the first time in forever, I was slowly getting it together. I was organized, and determined that I shouldn’t stop doing what I love in spite of my uni life, neither should I stop my part-time practice as a marketing manager in that cafe. I could go for a day in class, a stop to the cafe to work, and provide time to conduct an interview or two in between. It is what it is. Life at its finest, busiest clutter.

Not to sugarcoat or anything because it still is utterly exhausting to come home everyday knowing you still have so many responsibilities at hand to get done. I for one, know more than anyone that I need all the help I can get with my project, and all the feedback in the world to progress as a cafe marketing manager on duty. Not gonna lie, I’d still sometimes complain on how overwhelming it is to finish different sets of duties in 3 places at once. But in case you were wondering on how Janice has been doing so far lately as a business management student…

She’s never felt so alive, fulfilled, and blessed to live her dream as a university student working a part-time job while still being able to continue her work as the (self-proclaimed) community journalist she desires.

Yet despite all the shortcomings she has yet or has not face, life’s been quite the ride.

And she is wholeheartedly enjoying it.


Surabaya Tells

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